Zachariah (Apocalypse World)

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Name Zachariah
Actor Chad Rook
Dates Before humanity - 2017 (killed by Jack Kline)
Location Apocalypse World
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 13.14 Good Intentions


Zachariah was a subordinate of Michael in Apocalypse World, who, like his counterpart, employed mental manipulations in pursuit of his goals.


13.14 Good Intentions

Zachariah attempts to manipulate Jack's mind, first by making him think Sam and Dean are locked in a room in the burning Bunker and he is unable to save them. As Jack is locked into his "dream" Michael appears to tells Zachariah his mind games are not working. Zachariah assures Michael they are close and he will keep trying. When Michael questions if the "half-breed" is worth the effort, Zachariah tells him that with Jack's power he could open a rift big enough to march an army through, but that they need to make him use his powers. He tells Michael that if fear won't break him he may know of something that will.

Zachariah's next manipulation involved Castiel appearing to Jack in front of a lake, telling him of humanity's destructive nature. However Jack soon realizes Castiel is not real and snaps back to reality. Angry at this failure, Michael violently tosses Jack and Zachariah across the room, declaring that they will be doing things his way.

After Jack and Mary escape, Michael orders Zachariah to kill Mary in front of Jack before bringing him back. Due to Jack using his powers, Zachariah is able to track him and dive-bombs along with two other angels into Bobby's camp and begins killing the inhabitants in their search for Jack and Mary. In the chaos, Zachariah is able to find Mary helping a young girl, but before he can kill Mary, Jack orders Zachariah to stop. When he doesn't comply, Jack hits him with celestial energy, which freezes and lifts Zachariah into the air before he disintegrates him into dust.


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