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The coven from 3.09 Malleus Maleficarum.


A witch, also known as a sorcerer or warlock, is a person, whether male or female, who has the power to effect change by magical means ("witchcraft"). Of those encountered by Sam and Dean, most are practitioners of black magic – that is spells used for self-gain or to harm others. Witches can be extremely long-lived and very powerful, so much so that Sam and Dean have only been able to kill three of the witches they have encountered. Some witches have a companion known as a familiar who can appear in either animal or human form. The relationship between witch and familiar is like a melding of souls, creating an unbreakable bond, where the witch would be just as willing to die for its familiar as the familiar would its witch.

According to the Grand Coven there are three types of witches in the world, first the "borrowers" – witches that get their power from demons, presumably in exchange for their souls.[1] The second type, and rarest are the "naturals" those born with natural ability for magic. Thirdly are "students" who are trained and mentored by Grand Coven approved witches.

There are also people who are self-taught -- no deals or mentors, just a book of spells. It is notable that hunters like Sam, Dean and Bobby Singer often use spells and rituals, but would not consider themselves witches.

The Grand Coven ruled and controlled the affairs of witches and guarded the lore. However, the Grand Coven and the witch community is now greatly weakened, after any years of attacks and witch hunts coupled with an organised effort by the Men of Letters to plunder them or their spell books and records, which they hid in various spell-guarded bunkers around the world. When a witch dies, willow moss is said to grow on the graves, making them easily identifiable to hunters.


1.18 Something Wicked

Witch: Dr. Hydeker / Shtriga

An Albanian witch known as a shtriga, is discovered by Sam and Dean to be the cause of recent sudden, bizarre illnesses of local children, in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. The shtriga is feeding of the spiritus vitae of the children, and then helping treat them in the local hospital under the guise of Dr. Hydeker. The shtriga can only be stopped with consecrated iron, while it is feeding. Sam and Dean realize this, and talk the brother of a recent victim into being bait, the plan is successful and the shtriga is lured in and finally killed by Dean as it is trying to feed on Sam. Once the shtriga is dead, all of its victims fully recover.

3.09 Malleus Maleficarum

Witches: Amanda Burns, Elizabeth and Renee Van Allen

A group of witches are discovered by the brothers when a woman (Janet Dutton) is killed and a hex bag is found under the sink.

It is revealed that most witches perform their magic through either chanting or placing a hex bag in the general area where their target is at the time of the spell. Witches also use a magical tome known as a Book of Shadows or a grimoire.

Sam and Dean discover that the witches have unwittingly, been getting their powers from a demon. In return for their powers they give their unwittingly souls to the demon. The demon whom the coven had sold their souls to, Tammi, stuck around the coven and killed them off when they displeased her. Eventually Tammi is killed by Dean with Ruby's knife.

Ruby reveals that she was originally a witch when she was human. It appears she got her power, and eventually sold her soul, to the demon Tammi.

The Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches) is a manual written for witch hunters in the 15th century. It is one of the most famously misogynistic works in European history; the book is a treatise on how women, due to their inferior and carnal natures, are far more susceptible to the Devil's wiles than are men. While the book was very popular, it wasn't necessarily the most influential witch-hunting text, other witch hunters seemed to consider it went a bit too far in its condemnation of women as a group, which limited its usefulness.

4.07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Witches: Don Harding and Tracy Davis

Two very old witches - Don Harding and Tracy Davis - begin sacrificing people in order to raise the demon Samhain from Hell. The spell requires "three blood sacrifices over three days, the last before midnight on the final day of the final harvest." The summoning occurs on Halloween, the day on the Celtic calendar where the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. Once Samhain returns, he can raise other things from Hell, which promises a bloodbath if he can't be stopped. His raising will break one of the the 66 Seals.

To kill their victims the witches use hex bags, filled with rare objects, to perform the sacrifices and a ritual alter for the final phase of the spell. In one hex bag, Sam finds gold thread, an herb supposedly extinct for 200 years, a centuries-old Celtic coin, and the charred finger bone of an infant. At one point in time, one of the witches was at the scene when one victim was killed, so it stands to reason that she was able to perform the spell earlier and activate its power when she wanted.

When they find that they are low on sacrifices, Don decides to kill Tracy to raise Samhain. Sam and Dean burst in, shooting Don and freeing the apparently innocent Tracy. She incapacitates them and completes the ritual. Once raised, Samhain kills Tracy and goes to a cemetery, where he raises zombies and ghosts to attack them. Sam is immune to his powers and manages to exorcise him, sending him back to Hell.

Don Harding preparing the altar for the raising of Samhain.
Tracy Davis performing the ritual to raise Samhain.

4.12 Criss Angel Is a Douchebag

Witch: Charlie the Magician

Although he is a stage magician, Charlie gained actual powers from an old sorcerer's Grimoire. He uses Tarot cards to cast a sort of supernatural target onto other magicians so that his best friend Jay would survive fatally wounding tricks - thus transferring the performance knowledge of those who took his place in death. He also reveals that he cast an immortality spell on himself and wants to do the same for his friends Jay and Vernon. He is killed when Jay pickpockets his tarot cards and then stabs himself with a knife.

5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Witch: Lia and Patrick

Patrick is a 900-year-old witch who plays poker with people, gambling with years of their life. When he takes 25 years from Bobby, Dean plays and donates 25 of his own years to Bobby, and loses an additional 25.

Lia, Patrick's partner, gives them a reversal spell. As Dean and Bobby undertake to do it, Sam stalls Patrick by playing cards against him. When the spell fails, Dean's life is in the balance as Sam plays for real. Sam finally wins, saving Dean.

Lia tells Patrick she wants to die, having long outlived her daughter, and they play a hand in which she loses all her years.

6.03 The Third Man

Dean thinks the deaths of two police officers "seem a little witchy." Sam agrees, but notes that no hex bags or other signs were found. The deaths are later revealed to have been revenge killings using an angelic weapon.

7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Witches: Don Stark and Maggie Stark

Maggie Stark and Don Stark are witches, possibly of Romanian origin. They have been in a relationship with for over 800 years. Maggie has separated from Don after learning of his affair with Wendy Goodson. In her anger, she is killing people associated with Don through spells aided by placing a magical coin near them. Don strikes back, ruining her charity art auction and killing her best friend. Sam and Dean try to vanquish Maggie using a spell that requires chicken feet, but are unsuccessful because the chicken feet were not refrigerated. Finally, Maggie and Don reconcile after some relationship advice from Sam and Dean. However, Maggie still tries to kill them, thwarted only by Don retrieving the hex coins from their motel room. Don also saves them from a Leviathan using a spell that appears to paralyze the creature temporarily.

7.15 Repo Man

Witch: Nora Havelock

Four years ago, Sam and Dean were informed of a possession by local wiccan Nora Havelock. When they return in the present, when it appears the demon has returned, they find she has a mail-order witch business, though she only traffics in "white magic," herbs and talismans. She has been translating Latin spells in connections the demon, and suggests that they talk to the demon's old host Jeffrey. Jeffrey, however, is the real culprit in a series of murders, and has been forcing Nora to help him bring back his demon. He kidnapped her son, so she gave him a summoning spell; it failed, and he sent her the ear of her son. She found a stronger spell, one requiring the blood of the demon's exorcist: Dean. Sam convinces her that they must find Dean to save her son, and Nora uses a tracking spell to locate them. By the time they get there, the demon has been summoned and is possessing her son. Sam manages to lure it into a devil's trap and Nora exorcises it, saving her son while Dean kills Jeffery.

8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin

Witch: Delta Mendota

In order to make "demon bombs," based on instructions from the demon tablet, Linda Tran hires Delta Mendota from Craigslist in order to get all of the ingredients they need. She informs Delta of what they are trying to make, but not how to make them or the amount of ingredients needed for each. Delta gets the needed ingredients, but frustrated with the way Linda is treating her, she tells Crowley where to find Linda and her son the prophet Kevin. Delta brings some of the ingredients, enough for at least one bomb, but claims she won't bring any more until she is paid. Upon arrival, Linda squirts her with holy water to prove that she is not possessed. Using an excuse, Delta gets Kevin, who is attracted to her, to let her go into the backroom where she breaks the salt line there so the demons can get in. Kevin discovers this when he goes to get his mother's purse and the demons arrive. Crowley, annoyed with Delta's attitude, snaps his fingers and sends her away somewhere.

8.08 Hunteri Heroici

Sam and Dean theorize that the death of a man named Gary Freleng has something to do with a witchcraft, given the manner of his death and the fact he was having an affair. However they soon learn that he had an arrangement with his wife, thus removing the possibility of witchcraft from the table.

8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits

Witches: Drexil, James Frampton and Spencer

After helping Sam and Dean with a case years before, St. Louis police officer James Frampton becomes a witch and uses his magic to help him on the job. However, he gets dreams of and finds evidence of him committing the brutal murders of four innocent people and his familiar Portia calls in Sam and Dean to help as James doesn't trust anyone in the witch community. Sam and Dean are unhappy due to their previous encounters with witches, but agree to look into it before killing James. They eventually find a spell in Bobby Singer's files that a witch could use to implant a false memory in another witch, but are unsure that James is innocent as all evidence points to his guilt. However, James and Portia are in a relationship and while having sex, Portia sees into James' mind and sees that all he remembers is actually committing the act with no preparations or motive to do it. Dean and Portia also learn that the witch community plans to force James to either leave or kill himself to avoid exposing them. Realizing that police detective Ed Stoltz is hiding something, Sam, Dean and James use astral projection to visit the police station where they learn that Stoltz is building a case against James using James' friend Spencer's familiar Phillippe LeChat as a witness. James confronts Phillippe who tells him that he was framing him under Spencer's orders. Spencer kills Phillippe and reveals that he is framing James because he is jealous of James' relationship with Portia who he had wanted as his own familiar. James engages Spencer in battle, but is no match for him and when Sam and Dean try to intervene, Spencer makes them relive horrible memories. However, Portia attacks Spencer, freeing Sam and Dean who kill Spencer with a witch-killing spell Bobby taught them. James and Portia then leave town to start a new life together, knowing Ed has too good of a case against them and that the witches in St. Louis never really accepted them.

9.04 Slumber Party

Witch: The Wicked Witch of the West

In 1935, Dorothy Baum comes to the Men of Letters Bunker to find a way to kill the apparently-invincible Wicked Witch of the West who escaped onto Earth with the plan to get the key to Oz and bring her army here to take over the world. Working with James Haggerty and Peter Jenkins, Dorothy tries to come up with a plan, but the Witch breaks free and possesses Jenkins, forcing Haggerty to kill him. Unable to defeat the Witch, Dorothy casts a spell that binds them together and imprisons them. Haggerty works for the rest of his career on finding a way to defeat the Witch and comes up with the idea that poppy seed extract can stun the Witch from the Oz books. He makes a deal with a fairy in case the Witch returns.

In 2013, while investigating an ancient computer in the Bunker, Dean accidentally knocks over the bottle containing the ingredients Dorothy used to bind herself and the Witch, releasing both. The Witch resumes her search for the key to Oz, attacking Sam and Dorothy before being driven off by a poppy seed extract bullet. She finds Dean and Charlie Bradbury and gets the key from them and kills Charlie who sacrifices herself for Dean. Dean has Ezekiel resurrect Charlie and the Witch attacks him and Sam while they are hunting for her. She takes Sam hostage and unable to get a clean shot, Dean tackles her. The Witch is able to possess them however and sends them after Dorothy and Charlie, revealing her true plan to them through Sam and Dean. The Witch casts a spell to summon her army and opens the door, but Charlie stabs her in the back of the head with one of the Ruby Slippers and then in the face when she turns around, killing her. Charlie manages to close the door in time and the Witch's plan is foiled.

9.18 Meta Fiction

While preparing to hunt down Gadreel in Ogden, Utah; Sam and Dean recall a case that involved a witch a few years back, and a man that helped them out on it -- Ian.

10.03 Soul Survivor

Witch: Rowena

10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Witch: Rowena

A witch called Rowena rescues two women who are being sold for sex by some demons. She offers to train Caitlin and Elle as witches, even though she has been exiled by the Grand Coven.

Sam and Dean are on Rowena's trail, and they find out that she has been responsible for a number of murders at high-end hotels, with the bodies impaled on the ceiling and brains boiled. However demons are also after her and fidn her at a hotel. Sam and Dean arrive and kill the demons, and say they are only there for Rowena. She puts an attack dog spell on Elle, and uses this distraction to escape with Catlin. Elle fights Sam, but when the spell runs its course she dies like the waiter. Outside, Rowena tells Catlin that most people cannot withstand the power of the spells, but that Catlin is strong. Catlin punches Rowena and runs away. Rowena begins to recite a spell but is stopped when Dean puts a gun to her head. Before he can act, Cole puts a gun to Dean and Dean is forced to let Rowena go.

At Crowley's base of operations, Gerald tells Crowley that although the Winchesters took down the alpha team, the beta team had a perimeter around the hotel and captured Rowena. She is bloodied and bruised and strung up in chains in a cell. Crowley enters. As Rowena mocks him, in utter surprise, all Crowley can say is "...Mother?"

10.09 The Things We Left Behind

Witch: Rowena

Rowena is held in one of Hell's dungeons, with a demon called Trish. When Crowley finally decides to see Rowena, he berates her for being a horrible mother to him, but Rowena deflects that by saying she was motivating him for bigger things. When he brings up she abandoned him when he was eight, she tells Crowley it was because she ran afoul of the locals and had to flee. Rowena tells Crowley she wishes to be a family again, and that he can trust her unlike the demons who will turn on him at the first chance.

After their chat, Crowley and his henchman Gerald escort Rowena to the dungeon. It's there that Rowena accuses Gerald of smuggling demons out of Hell, which Trish confirms. Gerald denies the accusations, and begins to strangle Rowena. When he doesn't listen to Crowley's repeated orders to stop, Crowley stabs Gerald through the neck with an angel blade, killing him.

As Crowley leaves the cell, he asks Rowena if she is coming. She smiles and follows him out the door.

10.10 The Hunter Games

Witch: Rowena

Rowena uses her magic to give Crowley paranoid nightmares. Later one of Crowley's henchman< Guthrie, finds Rowena searching through Crowley's cupboards. When Crowley enters, Rowena tells him Guthrie is plotting against him. Crowley is suspicious of her, but Rowena promises she only wants them to be a family again.

When Crowley goes to meet with the Winchesters, Rowena astral projects herself to spy on them. She hears that Crowley is planning on giving them the First Blade, and where it is hidden. She sends Guthrie to retrieve it, pretending it is at Crowley's behest.

When Guthrie returns with the blade, he refuses to give it to Rowena, so she kills him. When Crowley returns, she claims Guthrie was planning a rebellion against him. Crowley remembers his nightmare, which Rowena pretends must've been a prophetic vision. Rowena also warns him about the Winchetsers.

10.11 There's No Place Like Home

Witch: The Wizard of Oz

Charlie Bradbury returns from Oz split into her good and dark sides. Good Charlie explains that this happened as she made a deal with The Wizard of Oz in order to win the war against the forces of evil in Oz. Her dark side did a lot of terrible things, but ultimately won the war single-handedly and the Wizard and Dorothy Baum now lead Oz.

In order to reunite the two Charlie's, the Winchesters and Good Charlie work on a way to repair the Key to Oz so Good Charlie can return to the Wizard and get him to reverse the split. However, they learn from Clive Dillon that the Wizard is in fact evil and wants rule of Oz for himself.

Clive, who is a former Man of Letters, explains that while he was trapped in Oz a long time before, a coven of evil witches used the Inner Key of Oz on him to split him into his good and dark halves like the Wizard did to Charlie. His dark side became the Wizard of Oz and slaughtered the witches that performed the split. The Wizard became power-hungry and began working to take over Oz himself, using Dorothy and Charlie's rebellion to attain power in the end. In order to stop the Wizard and reunite the two Charlie's, Clive fatally shoots himself, which also mortally wounds the Wizard as they are physically connected.

In order to survive, the Wizard is forced to come to Earth to heal Clive where he disarms and binds Sam before telekinetically choking him. Reluctantly and at Clive's insistence, Good Charlie shoots Clive, killing him and the Wizard. With the Wizard dead, Sam is able to retrieve the Inner Key of Oz from his belt and reunite the two Charlie's and Oz is finally free of his tyranny.

10.12 About A Boy

Witch: Katja

10.14 The Executioner's Song

Witch: Rowena

Rowena approaches her son about dealing with the high-ranking Grand Coven witch, Olivette, who was responsible for her being put on the run, it's then that Crowley reveals he has been on to Rowena's manipulations from the beginning, but ultimately agrees to help her.

After leaving to help the Winchesters with Cain, and losing the First Blade to them in the process, Crowley returns to be berated further by Rowena for his weakness.

10.16 Paint It Black

Witch: Rowena and Olivette

Isabella, a muse for a painter named Piero Mutti in Florence, Italy in 1520, fell in love with Piero, however he did not reciprocate her feelings of romantic love. The despair from her rejection eventually lead to her father forcing her to enter the convent and become a nun in hope that she would find peace. However, all it did was turn her love for Piero into hatred, and one night Isabella snuck out to confront Piero, and destroy his paintings. When she arrived at his studio, she found Piero making love to a new muse, and flew into a rage disemboweling him with a knife. Piero's death was deemed so horrific that Isabella was convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to burn at the stake.

10.19 The Werther Project

Witch: Rowena

10.21 Dark Dynasty

Witch: Rowena

10.23 Brother's Keeper

Witch: Rowena

11.03 The Bad Seed

Witch: Rowena

11.08 Just My Imagination

Witch: Rowena

11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?

Witch: Rowena

11.10 The Devil in the Details

Witch: Rowena

11.13 Love Hurts

Witch: Sonja

11.15 Beyond the Mat

When Sam and Dean come across a dead body at a wrestling show, Sam sees cuts on the body that look ritualistic. He believes they may be dealing with a witch and goes back to their motel to do research.

11.18 Hell's Angel

Witch: Rowena

11.22 We Happy Few

Witch: Clea and Rowena

11.23 Alpha and Omega

Witch: Rowena

12.02 Mamma Mia

Witch: Rowena

12.03 The Foundry

Witch: Rowena

12.04 American Nightmare

12.08 LOTUS

Witch: Rowena

12.11 Regarding Dean

Witches: Catriona Loughlin, Boyd Loughlin, Gideon Loughlin and Rowena

Dean chases a severely wounded man into the woods. The man tries to hide beside a tree and instructs someone to leave through his cellphone. Dean shoots the man but the bullet didn't hit him, and he lost site of the man. Dean goes on searching him. The man was found sitting beneath a tree, and when he was threatened by Dean, he turns around with a sigil drawn in the tree. The sigil works instantly, glowing into a bright violet light which throws Dean away. Next morning when Dean woke up. he was clueless about his location or how he reached there. His cell was broken, and he borrowed a cell to call Sam and ask for help. Sam informs him that they were there to investigate a case. They started investigating the victim's body who was dead beacuse of a stomach full of money and a hex bag. Later it was discovered that Dean has started forgetting everything. With the assumption that Dean has been hexed, Sam calls Rowena to ask about how to break the spell, what she answered was to kill the witch.

Sam and Dean went on searching every burger joint, where they found a familiar looking girl, who slapped Dean in the morning. Interrogating her, they came to know that Dean was there last night, and they asked to watch the CCTV footage. They found that Dean shot a man with his Witch Killing gun, and went after him. They both tracked down to the woods and found the sigil and the dead witch. Sam shows Rowena the sigil and as Dean's memory was not back, Rowena appears and reaches for help. She informs them that it was a very powerful druidic witch family called the Laughlins, who use an ancient tree language for their witchcraft. She will be needing their old family book The Black Grimoire to reverse the spell. Sam retracts Catriona and Boyd, the last survived Laughlins to their home but was captured to resurrect their dead brother Gideon who was shot by Dean.

Rowena tries to free Sam but was to pinned in the wall by Catriona who was about to kill her, when Dean enters and shoots Catriona dead. Meanwhile Sam fees himself from the ropes, and Boyd who was continuing the ritual tries to run. Sam chases after him, and after reaching the living room Dean shoots him too. Rowena then reverses the memory spell that was cast on Dean.

12.13 Family Feud

Witch: Rowena

13.12 Various & Sundry Villains

Witch: Jamie Plum, Jennie Plum and Rowena

13.19 Funeralia

Witch: Rowena

13.21 Beat the Devil

Witch: Rowena

13.22 Exodus

Witch: Rowena

Witches in real life and lore

The term witch in its broadest sense refers to a person who claims to tap into some form of supernatural power. These people exists in cultures around the world, and may take the role of a healer or wise person in a community. Their powers could be used for either good or harm. The modern use of the term and its associations are rooted in the pogroms of the Middle Ages, against people, particularly women, who practiced any form of belief or healing that could be deemed anti-Christian. During these witch hunts in Europe and later North America, tens of thousands of people were tortured and killed based on the justification that they were in league with Satan.

In the 20th and 21st century, people who follow a form of Neopaganism may refer to themselves as witches. The most well known of these is Wicca, which originated in the 1930s, although its beliefs are formed on older pagan cultures such as those of the Celts and the Greeks. The religion involves the ritual practice of magic.

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