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Witch Catcher.png
Name Witchcatcher
Manufacturer Unknown
Powers Controls witches
Location/Owners Crowley
Episodes 11.10 The Devil in the Details


A witchcatcher is a device used to restrain witches, most were thought to be destroyed after the Inquisition. The witchcatcher is a large iron collar with seven spikes affixed to the inside of the collar. Once affixed to a witches neck, the witch is forced to do the bidding of whoever is in control of it.


Rowena wearing the witchcatcher.

11.10 The Devil in the Details

Crowley sends Dean to the reaper Billie to gain access to Hell. While with Billie, she hands Dean a wooden box, telling him it's for Crowley. Dean descends to Hell, upon meeting with Crowley, he shows him the contents of the box -- a witchcatcher. When Crowley goes back to Rowena, she reveals she had been eaves dropping on his and Dean's conversation, due to slipping Crowley a hex bag. However, Crowley turns it around on Rowena, revealing he laced her tea, causing her to go into a coughing fit, allowing Dean to sneak behind her and place the witchcatcher around her neck; placing Rowena under their control.