Winchester Mystery House

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Jared, Genevieve and Thomas at the house in June 2013 source

The Winchester Mystery House is was built by Sarah L Winchester, widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester in the 1880s. Following the deaths of her daughter and husband, Sarah consulted a medium her told her there was a curse upon the Winchester family because the guns they made had taken so many lives. She told Winchester that "thousands of people have died because of it and their spirits are now seeking vengeance." This was said to inspire her to construct in San Jose, the mansion now known as the Winchester Mystery House. The house is full of features that were designed to stop the spirits from finding her, as was the continual construction went non-stop from when it started until Sarah's death.

Today, several different tours of the house are available, including flashlight tours at night on dates around Halloween and each Friday the 13th.