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Winchester Bros. was founded on August 23, 2005, a month after Lisa and Vicki viewed the pilot for Supernatural at that year’s Comic Con. In October of 2005, Lyric was brought in to work on the website.

In January 2007, Pixie Queen began working on the site. When the idea for Winchester Radio, the site's podcast, became a reality in the fall of 2007, Susan was then asked to join the site as a podcast co-host and editor/proofreader alongside Shabnam. Becky joined the site later through helping Pixie Queen and Susan co-host Winchester Radio, but she has since taken on more duties as well, such as co-maintaining the website as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts. After Pixie Queen's departure, Vinnie joined the team and she helps maintain the website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and co-hosts the podcast.

Since its development in 2005, WinchesterBros (with the support of MediaBlvd) has become one of the foremost sites in Supernatural fandom. They have raised over $100.000 for various charities through the years. WinchesterBros is a non-profit website. WinchesterBros' podcast is called Winchester Radio.