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This diagram illustrates the biological relationships to Sam and Dean

All I see in our family tree is a whole lot of dead.

Dean Winchester, 8.12 As Time Goes By

The diagram above represents the main biological relationships to Sam and Dean.

John Winchester with Sam and Dean Winchester

Supernatural is clear that "family don't end with blood" as Bobby once said[2].

The other familial relationships in Sam and Dean's life are:

  • Bobby Singer (deceased) - father figure to the boys from their childhood. He definitely considered Sam and Dean to be his sons - "As fate would have it, I adopted two boys. And they grew up great. They grew up heroes."[3]
  • Castiel - Dean said that Castiel is like a brother to him.[4]
  • Jessica Moore (deceased) Sam's girlfriend while he was at Stanford. He was about to propose to her when Azazel had her killed by Brady, in order to force Sam back into hunting.
  • Amelia Richardson Sam had a relationship with Amelia for a the better part of a year, while Dean was in Purgatory. They lived together in Kermit, Texas. The relationship ended when Amelia's husband Don Richardson, returned after having been presumed killed in action in Afghanistan, and Sam chose to return to hunting over staying with Amelia.
  • Lisa Braeden and her son Ben Braeden. Dean had a brief affair with Lisa when he was young, and he looked her up when he was in his last year following his deal with the Crossroads Demon. Dean returned to them following Sam's sacrifice to imprison Lucifer. He lived with them for a year. Eventually, he asked Castiel to wipe him from their memories, due to the danger and violence he felt he bought to their lives.
  • Benny Lafitte - After their time together in Purgaotry, Benny and Dean have a close friendship.
  • The Impala - Definitely a member of the family.