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White-eyed demons were among the oldest of the old demons, predating the Princes and Knights of Hell.[1] There were a total of two known white-eyed demons, Lilith and Alastair. Lilith was the first demon ever to be created, her soul having been stripped of its humanity and twisted by the fallen archangel Lucifer as an act of spite against God.[2] Due to her status as the first demon, she is the last of the 66 Seals, with her death breaking the last seal and releasing Lucifer from his cage, where he was imprisoned for the creation of demons.[3]

Alastair may be the second demon ever created. He has a mysterious past, but it is implied to be almost as long as Lilith's. He considers the centuries-old black-eyed demon Ruby to be "young" when compared to himself.[4] He was considered the "Grand Inquisitor" in Hell. Alastair also claimed to be an "old friend" of Death's,[5] who had been imprisoned since Biblical times.[6]


White-eyed demons are among the oldest and most powerful demons to ever exist. They have been shown to be exceptionally cruel and evil even among average demons, Alastair preferring Hell to Earth and Lilith having a sweet tooth for human infants. Alastair and Lilith had a penchant for inflicting cruel and unusual torture to their enemies, but according to Ruby, Lilith "gets creative" when they make her angry. Castiel and Ruby both agreed that Lilith had "a certain sense of humor."[7][8] While Alastair was shown to be immune to heaven smiting and Anna Milton's grace light, Lilith has shown that she used white light against anything that she pointed as she is a white-eyed demon. Both Lilith and Alastair are established to be the demon chiefs of staff as they are the very first demons.

Powers and abilities

White-eyed demons have the standard powers of demons and more:

  • Demonic energy – White-eyed demons such as Lilith can emanate a demonic blast of white light at their targets. Sam calls this a "demon ray gun."
  • Immunity – As the first demons, Lilith and Alastair showed a high-level of resistance to elements that would harm regular demons. Lilith was said to be immune to holy water.[9] Alastair was shown to be highly resistant to Ruby's knife as well as surviving contact with pure angelic power.[10] Both were strong enough to walk on hallowed ground without being affected.
  • Superhuman strength – Alastair was shown to be able to overpower regular angels and reapers.[11][12]
  • Teleportation – Inside a meatsuit, they could teleport anywhere on Earth.
  • Telekinesis – Lilith and Alastair both had the ability to overpower and kill with only a gesture.
    • Biokinesis – Alastair was able to attack Sam and Dean's lungs and/or hearts with a gesture, causing them to drop to their knees.
    • Pyrokinesis – Lilith showed the ability to emanate heat from her body, burning through a devil's trap with a touch of her hand.


  • Archangels – They are superior to white-eyed demons, Lilith having fled in terror during the arrival of Raphael.[13]It was also later shown that Michael killed Lilith single-handedly, thus establishing that archangels are able to wipe out the white-eyed demons.[14] The first fallen angel Lucifer created the white-eyed demons, which served him as his own second-in-command.
  • Demon-killing knife – Though Alastair showed strong resistance to being stabbed with the knife, it still inflicted a great deal of pain. It's also possible that the knife is incapable of killing white-eyed demons as Alastair was stabbed in the gut with it and survived as opposed to regular demons who died after getting stabbed in the same place.
  • Devil's Traps – While powerful demons, Lilith and Alastair were prone to devil's traps, with Alastair being bound by Castiel with an old Enochian devil's trap and iron chains.
  • Devil's Trap Bullets – Lilith is shown to be partially vulnerable to devil's trap bullets as she manages to telekinetically remove the bullet from her forehead after a few seconds.
  • Hex bags – A human can hide their location from demons, through the use of hex bags.
  • Holy Water – Alastair had shown pain from holy water, but had a higher resilience and recovery to it than regular demons. While holy water didn't burn and only steamed on Alastair's skin, Lilith is established by Ruby as impervious to holy water. [15]
  • Iron – Castiel bound Alastair in iron chains while he is weakened by the old Enochian devil's trap, but when Uriel breaks the trap, he quietly manages to escape the chains.
  • Salt – Alastair had shown pain from salt, but had a higher resilience and recovery to it than regular demons.
  • Special Children - White-eyed demons like Lilith and Alastair were pinned, tortured, and killed by Sam's psychic powers when at his peak as a result of his regular consumption of demon blood. Sam was also shown to be immune to their powers.



  • In Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting, he mentions the existence of other white-eyed demons.
  • Samhain may be classified as a third white-eyed demon, but unlike Lilith and Alastair, his eyes have pale gray irises and black pupils, possibly due to his poor eyesight.
  • The white-eyed demons share similarities with archdemons, the leaders of demonic hosts and evil counterparts of archangels.