Wes Mondale

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Name Wesley "Wes" Mondale
Actor Ted Raimi
Location Concrete, Washington
Occupation Unemployed
Episode(s) 4.08 Wishful Thinking


Wes Mondale is a self-described loser and coin collector, currently unemployed, who creates a wishing well in Concrete, Washington, with a Babylonian coin found in North Africa by his grandfather in World War II. His parents are called Cheryl and Thomas Mondale.


4.08 Wishful Thinking

Wes' grandfather's recent death hits him hard, so he decides to give the Babylonian coin his grandfather gave him a try, despite warnings never to use it. He asks for Hope Lynn Casey, with whom he has always been infatuated but who has never acknowledged his existence, to love him more than anything. Within a month, she is utterly devoted to him, and they announce a surprise engagement. As the first wisher, he is the only one who can remove the coin and end the wishes, which are turning back on those who make them. Sam and Dean convince him to reluctantly unmake the well, but it is seeing Sam struck down by lightning at Casey's behest that leads Wes to actually remove the coin from the fountain at Lucky Chin's restaurant. Afterwards, Hope has no idea who he is, and Wes, dejected, gives Sam the coin to melt it down.