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Horseman War.jpg
Name War
Actor Titus Welliver
Dates Unknown-Deactivated (2009)
Location Neutralized by Sam and Dean Winchester.
Occupation Horseman of the Apocalypse
Episode(s) 5.02 Good God Y'All

And there fell a great star from Heaven, burning like a torch. And it fell upon a river, and the the name of the star was Wormwood, and many men died.

Dean, Revelation 8:10, 5.02 Good God Y'All


War is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, along with Famine, Pestilence and Death. He wears a pure gold ring, which is unique amongst the three rings belonging to his brothers as it lacks a gemstone. He is immortal by default, unaffected by Sam's powers, can mentally read emotions and thoughts of people, as well as control how they see, smell, hear and feel him (via his ring). War travels in a red Mustang which represents the red horse by which the New Testament's Book of Revelation describes him as riding.

War's Ring is one of four Rings that forms the key to Lucifer's Cage. The others belonging to Famine, Pestilence and Death. When War arrived on Earth; he used his Ring's power to make himself look like a man named Roger. In other words, War made Ellen, Jo, Dean and Sam perceive him as a human by altering their perception. His ring, while connected with the other three rings, is merged in the direct center of the Cage's Key.

  • War is the first Horseman to appear in the series. He turns an entire town against themselves by making them think there are demons when there are not.
  • War claims that Famine, Pestilence and Death are his siblings.
  • He drives a red Mustang: see War's Mustang
  • According to Dean's research, War can be known as Wormwood.
  • War wears a ring that is tied to his essential core abilities. This ring is of four rings that when conjoined, form a key to Lucifer's Cage.
War The Red Horseman
File:The Horseman War.jpg
War using his Powers
Soon after the arrival of War The Red Horseman


5.02 Good God Y'All

File:War's Ring.jpg
War's Ring, which seems to be the source of his power

Upon Lucifer's arrival on Earth from the Cage opened by Sam's actions, War manifests on Earth by mimicking the physical appearance of a man named Roger. He then decimates a bridge and pollutes a river. During this situation, Rufus calls a wheelchair-bound Bobby Singer for help, stating that demons have infested a town. Unable to go himself, Bobby deploys Dean and Sam instead. Upon investigating, Dean and Sam run into Ellen, and she takes them to a safe haven in a small church, where multiple innocent bystanders lay low. Ellen informs them that Jo and Rufus have been captured and that Jo is most likely being possessed by a demon. Sam decides to accompany Ellen in searching for Jo, wherein Dean stays behind to protect the people.

Soon after leaving the church, Ellen and Sam find a nest of demons, although Sam is drawn back to find that they have a fire going because demons don't get cold. They prepare to enter but are stopped by Rufus and Jo. They fight each other and Sam gets taken, forcing Ellen to retreat.

Tied and gagged, Sam wakes up to find that Rufus and Jo have black eyes and vice-versa, as so does Sam. Confused, Rufus spills Holy Water on Sam but nothing happens so he forces salt down his mouth but still nothing happens. Back at the church, they prepare for a fight by gathering and setting up ammo and weapons. Dean and Ellen talk about what happened.

Back at the hideout, a man in glasses approaches Sam. Sam soon learns that the man isn't human but War, the Red Horseman. They talk and War turns his ring and screams, alerting Rufus and Jo who knock Sam out. Back at the church, Dean deduces that the conflict isn't demon-orientated but that War is behind it all. Everyone leaves to go fight each other and Dean and Ellen go to the hideout. Dean fights Rufus and convinces him that War is here and he releases Sam and Jo learns the same by Ellen.

Later, Dean and Sam approach War and remove his gold ring and he runs.

Sam: So who are you?
War: Here's a hint. I was in Germany, then in Germany, then in the Middle-East... I was in Darfur when my beeper went off. I'm waiting to hook up with my siblings, I've got three. We have so much fun together.
Sam: I know who you are. There aren't any demons in town, are there?
War: Nope! Just frightened people, ripping each others throats out. If you take out a bridge here, lay on a little hallucination there... Sit back, pop some corn... watch the show. Frankly, you're really vicious little animals, Sam.

He has come to play his part in the Apocalypse, spreading conflict and chaos. War confronts Sam over his own failings, including the fact that Sam still lusts after the power he had while drinking demon blood.

5.20 The Devil You Know

Brady reveals that War and Famine aren't dead, but they have been taken out of the game, telling Dean, "See, War and Famine, even if I could cram the rings back on their bony fingers, I doubt it would do much good. They're withered husks right now, fetal position on the floor, all thanks to you. So I don't want the rings. What I want is retribution. And I'm going to rip it right out of your ass!"

War in Lore

War the Second Living Creature.

The second horseman rides a red horse and is generally understood as War. The red color of the horse could be a symbol of the blood and gore spilt or shed on the battlefield. The horseman carries a sword, indicating the citation or enunciation of battle, conflict and strife.