Walt and Roy

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Name Walt
Actor Kerry van der Griend (Walt)
Nels Lennarson (Roy)
Dates Walt: ???? - 2017 (killed by the British Men of Letters)
Occupation Hunters
Episode(s) 5.16 Dark Side of the Moon
12.22 Who We Are


Walt and Roy are two hunters known by Dean Winchester.


Walt and Roy prepare to kill Sam and Dean for their roles in the Apocalypse.

5.16 Dark Side of the Moon

Walt and Roy successfully manage to find Dean and Sam at a motel, masked, they are able to sneak into the room and remove Sam and Dean's guns they keep under their pillows. However, Dean recognizes Roy's voice and through the process of elimination figures out Walt is with him. They tell Sam and Dean that they know Sam started the Apocalypse, and that they aren't the only hunters after the Winchesters. As Sam pleads to them to allow him to explain, Walt shoots and kills him. Roy attempts to leave but Walt convinces him that they must kill Dean too because of what he'd do to them if they left him alive. Roy is reluctant to kill Dean, but as Dean eggs him on to shoot him, Walt steps forward and shoots him in the chest. Sam and Dean are soon revived by Joshua.

12.22 Who We Are

Walt and Roy are called to Jody Mills' home with a small group of other hunters, upon arrival Walt and Roy are shocked to see Sam and Dean Winchester, who remind them that they haven't seen them since Walt and Roy killed them. Dean tells them "no hard feelings," which relieves them. Roy questions why everyone was called to Jody's, Sam gives an impassioned speech about the recent murders of hunters by British Men of Letters, and wants to rally the other hunters to take the fight to the Brits. Walt and Roy agree to join Sam.

The hunters barrel through the British Men of Letters Mobile Command, where a fire fight ensues as the hunters fight their way inside. During an exchange with BMOL guards, Walt is shot and killed. As Dr. Hess attempted to barricade herself, Roy uses C4 to blow the door off, allowing Jody Mills to kill Dr. Hess.

13.10 Wayward Sisters

Walt is mentioned as one of the hunters that Alex contacted while trying to find the missing Sam and Dean.