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As a thank you to all the regular Wiki editors, i'd like to send you this SPNFamily Pin I have made. If you'd like to send me your postal address at I will pop one in the mail to you. And roll on Season 13! Cheers Jules / Managing Editor

Hi - thanks for your work on the Wiki. Just a note - we use the Dimunitive Cas on here, not Cass, for Castiel. yes I know Cass is canon, but Cas is what we use. cheers Missyjack (talk)/ Editor In Chief

Not every little side character needs to have a page made. Standard rule of thumb is for a character to have at least some dialogue and/or significance to the plot. Wolfgang, Hans and Gottfried for example, have little or no dialogue and just stand around to get shot in the head. Makes for a boring page read. Hope that helps you going forward. Mikael (talk)

Hi - I locked the Nick page at persent as there seemed to be some disagreement over what was appropriate content as per Nick the character vs Lucivfer's vessel. I will open it again once I have decided whats what! cheers Jules