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Thanks for those issues you noted. I will be getting to work updating all the ep entries and transcripts to fix the Next/previous page issue, and after that want to update some woefully neglected bits like the Portal and the New visitors page etc. Also the site is loading very slowly at present and that is being addressed. Thanks for your work and support! cheer sJules

After a few issues our software upgrade and server migration are done! There are still a couple of issues I've noticed - the "share bar" a the top of pages needs repositioning is the main formatting issue. Also the extension that gave us the automatic next/previous episode function is no longer supported, and I havent yet found a replacement. I have re-coded the template and we may have to do a manual fix. Please let me know if you notice any other issues. Thanks for your patience through this process. Cheers Jules

Hi - In exciting news we will be upgrading the MediaWiki software and migrating to a new server over the next week. I would appreciate it if you can not make any edits to the website until after next Monday to assist with this. I will let you know when the migration is complete, and will look forward to your feedback on how the new site operates. Thanks again for all your Wiki work! cheers Jules

Hey just wanted to say thanks for the amazing work you are doing! Very Impressive and the Wiki much needs it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or need any help. You can message me here, DM on Twitter or at cheers Jules / Managing Editor Missyjack (talk)

Hi - i think by Season is fine for those! Thanks again for the great work! I tweeted about and lots of fans were very happy! Missyjack (talk)