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Dear Anonymius,

Yes, actually Raphael's age is documented in the Supernatural Collector's Guide of Season 5 in which it says that Gabriel is the youngest which would make Raphael the third oldest among the four Archangels. So please be careful before making false accusations here on this wiki site. I apologize for being so blunt on this one, but I want to make you aware of the information. And yes, you're absolutely right, Canon so far, has never shown or even stated for that matter, that Gabriel is immune to the Colt gun. If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas or comments, please post a comment on my talk page.

ImperiexSeed, 7:00 PM, March 16th 2011

Hi - welcome to the Supernatural Wiki! Thanks for the contributions you are making. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me at Cheers --Missyjack 22:09, 30 June 2010 (UTC) Super Wiki Administrator

Like I stated before your commentary is really getting old and is getting to be very annoying. To tell you the truth, We could spend all day discussing all the non-canonical info posted on this Wiki. Like I said in one of my previous posts, We really do try our best to keep things as canonical as possible. I honestly feel that you probably would consider most info on this Wiki to be "non-canonical" - We are NOT a dictionary and We are allowed to post things that are speculation, as long as We state it as so in our post/edit. Does that make any sense at all to you? And, I did some intensive research on Chayot/Hayyoth, and I've come to the conclusion that Seraphs are more known and talked about oppose to a Chayot, which is not as widely known. I mean, I am a Christian and even I haven't heard of the Chayot/Hayyoth. Also, so far, you are the only one in this entire Wiki that has mentioned the Chayot/Hayyoth. Like I stated before We can discuss these matters and have a debate to determine the best decision. As of now, I will NOT delete the Seraph page, unless it is voted on! -- GrammarKing, June 26th 2010


The following info might ease your anxiety. We put in a lot of time and effort into constructing the Seraph page - This is partially why I don't want to just delete it, without at least a formal petition saying that it would be the BEST decision for this Wiki. And also, many Users who go to the Seraph page know something about Seraps but you've been the ONLY one who has mentioned a Chayot.

Apparently you NEED everything clearly spelled out for you. Super-Wiki is NOT an encyclopedia and it also runs a little bit differently than Wikipedia. Wikipedia is constantly used as a tool/reference piece for Celebrities, Maps/Places, Videogames and much more; where as Super-Wiki is a site for Supernatural fans and also a place for info to be documented that is tied with the show Supernatural. Most speculations cannot be posted on the character's page, unless it is widely agreed upon - Any speculations that cannot be posted on the character's page can be posted on the character's Discussion page.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what you've said in your posts. You were right. We should try to stick with the info that is stated explicitly in the show itself rather than base info on assumptions. So I've been doing a lot of revisions on the following pages: Seraph, Angel Lore and Zachariah. Please check them out to see if they are more canonical them before. -- GrammarKing, June 27th 2010


I do apologize for my abrupt nature and for my snide commentary.