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It's 2am so of course the only sane thing to do is edit my profile.

Hi everyone.

My name is Tanika and I am addicted Supernatural.

About me:
Birthday: 6 October
Country: South Africa. Yes, of course I live in a hut, have a pet lion and ride a giraffe everywhere I go.
Occupation: High school student.
Future occupation: Possibly vet.
Home language: English. Ek kan ook 'n bietjie Afrikaans praat.
Favourite character: Dean. And most of the other characters.
Favourite music: Different kinds, but mostly alternative like Lifehouse or 30 Seconds To Mars
Favourite movies: Horror, thriller and good comedies/romance. I like The Notebook, Ten Inch Hero, the Saw movies, Friday The 13th (2009) and loads more that I can't think of.
I also enjoy reading but don't have any favourites.
Favourite websites: Other than facebook and SuperWiki,

My Supernatural views:
I don't believe Chuck is God. I think he was just a prophet who disappeared.
I think's Dean's eyes were bleeding in 1.05 Bloody Mary not because he had a secret, but because she wasn't trapped in a mirror and was therefore more powerful.
Destiel and slash are not for me.
I don't think the show has gotten weaker over the seasons. It's pretty much the only show these days that always delivers.

I was introduced to Supernatural by someone I was very close to, for which I will be forever grateful. I first watched it at 22:15, Wednesday the 9th of December, 2009. The episode was 2.04 Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. I was instantly hooked.

Supernatural is by far my favourite show. It's the only one I rewatch over and over and it's the only show where I contribute to the wiki page and am part of the online fandom. The Supernatural family/fandom is amazing btw. Other shows I enjoy are Game of Thrones, True Blood, Nip/Tuck(only seen season 4) and my guilty pleasure Grey's.

I love my dogs. They're like my children. I have four: two boys and two girls. I also have one girl at the Rainbow Bridge - my dear Scampi. My two boys are Yorkie mixes. Shadow, born 25 Dec. '09, is crossed with a Miniature Pinscher. He is the best dog ever. Motek, born 12 Sept. '09 is crossed with a Wire-haired Terrier. He's a great big teddy bear. My two girls are Dixie, a Yorkie/Chihuahua born 27 Jan '05 and Missy, a Maltese/Pomeranian born April 2003.

My username silvershadow6 comes from my birthdate the 6th and my youngest boy Shadow. The silver is there because I wanted a colour but blackshadow sounded silly, and because out of the 9 pieces of jewellery I wear every day, the two I never ever take off are silver.

My contributions here are mainly character information, corrections, episode trivia and minutiae (thanks, spellcheck). I've done a few transcripts, added to the Table of Death and Bobby's Hats and several other pages. I also have some ideas for new pages which I'll be putting up soon.

I love the Supernatural family so feel free to write on my discussion page any time.