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lea_ndra is one of the super-wiki admins, and has been heavily in love with Supernatural since November 2005.

As a media and film major, she's also academically interested in fan culture and fan participation. She has been part of fandom since 2000. She stumbled over fan fiction when looking up the summary of a Roswell episode she missed. In 2001, she took to writing slash and hasn't stopped since. The rest, as they say, is history.

Her fandoms so far have been: Roswell, Star Wars - The Phantom Menace, Harry Potter (Sirius/Remus), The Boondock Saints, (a short love affair with Smallville up to the end of Season 2), and most recently, Supernatural.

Her livejournal can be found [here].

lea_ndra is currently working on the Fandom Chronicles.