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Name: Emma

I started watching Supernatural in September 2015 and joined the fandom almost immediately after seeing what wonderful people were a part of the cast. This the first fandom in which I've become immersed and most of the time, I love it! I've met many lovely people, but also seen the drama at the depths.

My favorite episodes are 11.04 Baby and 12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You). Some of the other episodes I love are Mystery Spot (my fav until Baby aired), Croatoan, Tall Tales, Heart, Changing Channels, Weekend at Bobby's, The French Mistake, The Man Who Would Be King, Time After Time, As Time Goes By, Dog Dean Afternoon, I'm No Angel, The Vessel, Safe House, Red Meat (even with all the death, this episode was done really well in my opinion), and Don't Call Me Shurley.

I'm a Sam girl, but I love Dean, Cass (yes, I prefer to spell it that way, everywhere, but in my fanfic) and Baby too. I miss Bobby and Charlie and I'd love to see Garth and Kate again! (It's a coincidence they are both werewolves!) My favourite villain is Death.

I finished writing my first Supernatural fan fic! It's a destiel fic and you can check it out on A03 here if you like! I also do a good amount of fan art, which I post on my social media accounts. When I have time, I make some Supernatural music videos which you can watch here. I was one of the winners of the VanCon 2016 contest for "Behind Blue Eyes".

Main Superwiki Contributions

  • Graphics - Created the header and icon for the Superwiki website and twitter (Currently in use as of April 2016) and the logo for the 2016 and 2018 Superwiki hosted Wayward Cocktails party at San Diego Comic Con and Salute to Supernatural Vancouver
  • Researched the changes (rotation in placement) in the anti-possession tattoos throughout the years and created reference images to track them
  • Added pages for Sam, Dean and Mary's bedrooms
  • Added entries for every call to Sam, Dean and Castiel's cell phone pages and created pages for Bobby, Crowley and Kevin's cell phones (S9 was pre-existing on Dean's page and S5 for Castiel's page)
  • I enjoy finding and adding little bits of trivia and unseen details from various episodes or within the show as whole when I notice them


Twitter: @_EmmaEsme