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Hope is the primary administrator of the Supernatural Wiki, and a number of other fandom bits and bobs, including EVP (podcast). She also writes fanfiction (both gen and slash, though predominantly pre-series gen), and occasionally vids and writes meta.

Hope also has an academic background, and has written several papers on Supernatural, including a dissertation on Supernatural fanfiction.

See Super-wiki:History for more information about how the Supernatural Wiki came to be. Hope both hosts the Supernatural Wiki & handles the domain registration for All expenses come out of her pocket, though you may donate directly to hosting costs here.

Hope's primary activities on the Super-wiki concerns the technical aspects - making sure the software is up-to-date and running smoothly, seeking out and installing extensions, ensuring site statistics are collected accurately. In terms of content, her obsessive nature means that the Documentation of Minutiae category gets a lot of attention. She also spends time working on streamlining the organisation and design of the Super-wiki.

Hope has been in some form of fandom since 2001, moving through LOTR, Lotrips, Firely, and others. She first started watching Supernatural when it began airing in Australia in January of 2006, jumping into the fandom shortly thereafter.

Hope's Livejournal is angstslashhope, or find all her fanworks at