Tyler Thompson

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Name Tyler Thompson
Actor Matreya Fedor
Location Cornwall, Connecticut
Episode(s) 2.11 Playthings


Tyler is the daughter of Susan Thompson and the granddaughter of Rose Thompson. She lived at the Pierpont Inn, which was visited by Sam and Dean Winchester prior to it being sold.


2.11 Playthings

Tyler spends her time with an "imaginary" friend named Maggie, and plays with her grandmother's doll collection. Her imaginary friend is actually the ghost of Maggie Thompson, her great-aunt, who drowned at the hotel as a child. Faced with losing Tyler when the hotel is sold, Maggie tries to drown her in the hotel pool. To save Tyler, Rose offers to die and serve as Maggie's companion, so the spirit will not be alone. Maggie frees Tyler, who is pulled out of the pool by Sam.