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Name Tracy
Actor Chiara Zanni
Location Guthrie, Oklahoma
Occupation Waitress
Episode(s) 2.05 Simon Said


Tracy was a friend of Andy Gallagher.


2.05 Simon Said

When Sam and Dean are trying to track down Andy Gallagher, they find a former work address for him and go to visit the coffee shop, where they meet and speak with Tracy. She tells them where they can find his van, and the Winchesters leave.

Later Weber, uses his psychic powers on Tracy and takes to a bridge where he plans to force her to have sex with him and then kill herself by jumping off the bridge. However Sam, Dean and Andy arrive before Tracy could be assaulted. While Andy and Weber are facing off with each other, Weber uses his abilities to force Tracy to attack Sam, knocking him out. Weber then sends Tracy to the ledge of the bridge, but before she can pushed by Weber, Andy kills him, freeing Tracy from his grip.