To Hell + Back: A Destiel Anthology

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Over dinner eight fans in Vancouver - (@destimushi, @casthewise, @60r3dom, @ravenscat-tumbler, @justholdingstill, @naruhearts, @thebloggerbloggerfun, and @dusky-rambles) - decided to "make an anthology inspired by the classic, eclectic styles of the older homemade fanzines, as a heartfelt ode to fandom, Destiel, and the Supernatural family overall."

Originally conceived as a "digital exclusive" e-book and a print book, they have now been combined into a single print publication. The collection will include artist/writer combinations and a handful of individual artists, drabble writters, poets, and podficcers.

The editors desribe the theme of the collection as follows:

There are as many reasons to love Dean and Cas together as there are stars in the sky, but one of the recurring themes in their 13-season relationship/story arc is the many ways they consistently seek to save each other and redeem themselves to one another, and would go to any lengths to do so. To hell and back, literally.

This theme is open to a myriad of different interpretations, both canonverse and AU, and we eagerly look forward to seeing how each of our contributors make it their own!

Submissions for the collection are currently open