The Shapeshifter

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Name Unknown
Actor Aleks Holtz
Peter Shinkoda
Jensen Ackles
Amy Grabow
Dates  ???? – 2005 (killed by Dean Winchester
Location St. Louis, Missouri
Occupation Shapeshifter
Episode(s) 1.06 Skin


Little is known of the shapeshifter's past other than as a child it was "hideous and hated", choosing to take out his rage by assuming the identities of strangers and brutally murdering their loved ones. The shifter appeared to derive great pleasure from killing, and seemed to prefer to target women.


The shifter as Zach Warren.

1.06 Skin

The shifter assumes the identity of Zach Warren, and proceeded to violently murder his girlfriend, Emily. The murder would come to the attention of Sam and Dean Winchester who quickly deduce they are dealing with something supernatural after seeing a retinal flare on some security footage. Some time after framing Zach for Emily's murder, the shifter would take on the form of a businessman named Alex and attack his wife Lindsay while he was on a business trip. When Alex comes home early, he catches the shifter torturing Lindsay, forcing the shifter to knock him out and flee.

The shifter as Alex.

Realizing they are dealing with a shapeshifter after hearing Alex's story, Sam and Dean investigate the sewers, where they find the shapeshifter's lair and are attacked by it. The shifter flees when Sam and Dean begin shooting at it and when the Winchesters go after it, the shapeshifter ambushes Dean, locks him in its lair and sheds it's skin to take on Dean's appearance. The shifter attempts to trick Sam, but Sam is able to see through it's tricks, but when he hesitates to kill it, the shifter knocks Sam unconscious.

The shifter turns it's attention to Zach's sister Rebecca Warren, and attacks and ties her up after she lets him into her house under the assumption it was Dean. Before the shifter could kill Rebecca, the police arrive due to Sam and Dean escaping and forces it to run, implicating Dean in its crimes. After escaping, the shapeshifter returns and takes Rebecca captive, leaving her in its sewer lair to be found and rescued by Dean.

The shapeshifter pretends to be Rebecca and attacks Sam, knocking him out and tying him up before assuming Dean's form once more. The shapeshifter reveals that it plans to frame Dean for the murder of Sam so he will be hunted for the rest of his life, Sam is able to free himself but is overpowered by the shapeshifter which starts to strangle him to death. Dean arrives and shoots the shapeshifter twice in the heart with silver bullets, killing it. As the shapeshifter was caught in the act of trying to kill Rebecca in Dean's form, Dean is blamed and Zach and Alex are released. The shapeshifter is buried as Dean Winchester, allowing Dean to fake his death.