The Nun

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The Nun.jpg
Name Unknown
Actor Kirsten Kilburn
Dates  ???? - 1972 (killed by Azazel)
Location Ilchester, Maryland
Occupation Nun
Episode(s) 4.22 Lucifer Rising


This Nun was present in St. Mary's Convent in 1972 when Azazel identified it as a portal to Lucifer's Cage.


Lucifer speaking through the body of the dead nun.

4.22 Lucifer Rising

Azazel makes his presence known in the body of Father Lehne during a mass and proceeds to slaughter the nuns. After her death in the slaughter, she is used as a channel for Lucifer to communicate with Azazel. Through her, Lucifer instructs Azazel on the steps needed to release him, including the plan involving the Special Children.