The Impalas

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The Impalas - Bob Singer, Jensen, Jeff Budnick

The Impalas are a band made up of the Su[pernatural crew which play on special occasions.

On Saturday January 30th, the cast and crew of Supernatural celebrated the 100th episode of the series, which was about to begin filming, with a party in Vancouver. The event was held at District 319. During the evening a band made up of cast and crew called The Impalas played.

On 28th March 2011, as shooting of Season 6 finished, director Guy Norman Bee tweeted I hope the cast and crew of #Supernatural aren't too hungover this morning! I heard the Impalas played at last night's wrap party!!!" Source

"The Impalas" was made up of:

On 19 January 2013, Jim Michaels tweeted "The Impalas have decided to reunite for the #Supernatural wrap party later this Spring -- Very excited but need to start rehearsals ASAP!" source. The band played at the Wrap party on April, 13th, along with another crew band "Squish".