The Family Business

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The Ackles Family, April 2017
Jensen Ackles, Nate Seale and Gino Graul July 2017

Jensen Ackles along with Danneel his brother-in-law Gino Graul have started the Family Business Beer Co. in Dripping Springs, just outside Austin, Texas. The name is both a reference to it being a family business, and a shout-out to Supernatural where "family business" is how the Winchesters refer to hunting.

They have built the place from scratch, and it will be a destination brewery offering a range of beers, live music, outdoor games and food trucks. Brewer Nate Seale is on board to oversee the brews which will range from IPAs to barrel-aged stouts. Visitors in the tasting room will be able to watch the brewing process in action through interior windows.


On 27th August, the The Family Business Brew Company owned by Jensen, Danneel and her brother Gino set up a flood and hurricane relief in partnership with Random Acts. The Ackles Family contributed $50k to the effort. In less than 48 hours over $200,000 had been raised. As of 1st September $358,000 had been raised. After a week the project teamed with the CW Network, and the stars of other shows began promoting the fundraiser. The fundraiser expanded to provide support to those communities affected by Hurricane Irma and Maria.