The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean

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A comment from Sera Gamble that has been much quoted through fandom particularly by those with an interest in Wincest

Sequential Tart: Eric Kripke's offered a variety of answers in interviews as to what Supernatural is for him, the most often-quoted probably being "Star Wars in truck stop America". Is that the interpretation you approach it with, or do you have a different take?

Sera Gamble: I sometimes say it's "the epic love story of Sam and Dean," but that's just to tease Eric.

– Sera Gamble, Sequential Tart Dec 1, 2006

On the Season 5 DVD commentary for 5.04 The End, Kripke, speaking about the brothers' relationship dynamics in the season, says: "they're going to come together and then in the second half of the season they're going to start drifting apart... the boys are kind of like The Defiant Ones in that they're kind of chained together and one moves ahead and drags the other one with him and then they reverse's the epic love story of Sam and Dean."