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More commonly known as psychokinesis, literally translates to distant movement . It's the ability to mentally influence an objects movement or behavior.

Pad of Definitions, (1.14 Nightmare), Official Website

Entities like archangels, angels and demons can also inflict harm on humans with their thoughts.


Archangel Raphael using telekinesis.
  • Max Miller could move objects with his mind, allowing him to kill those he felt wronged him.[1]
  • Sam is seen once to be able to move a piece of furniture in Season One driven by Dean being in danger.[1]. This ability is not seen again until he after his training with Ruby, although he only see it demonstrated once.[2]
  • Powerful demons in meatsuits can violently move objects and people. Lilith broke a man's neck with gesture;[3] Azazel moved Mary Winchester up the wall and onto the ceiling of Sam's nursery before cutting open her abdomen with his mind;[4] and Crowley.
  • Ghosts can cause objects to move.[4]
  • Angels and Archangels in vessels are telekinetic. Uriel used telekinesis to loosen a water pipe, drip water on a devil's trap, and free Alastair;[5] Castiel used his abilities to escape from a circle of holy fire.[6]
  • War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death are all capable moving objects with their powers. Death moves his scythe after Dean drops it.[7]

Other forms of telekinesis used in Canon