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I ma removing fan speculation from the page as its a continuing source of contention. However please feel free to link to any speculation offsite ! Admin: Missyjack (talk)

Would it not make sense that God would be among the entities that the Colt could not kill? My guesses were Death (as he's mentioned he would one day reap God and is clearly more powerful than the other Horsemen), Michael (being similar in power to Lucifer), Lucifer (obviously), God and ????. I imagine that it's intentionally vague, but those being the highest power entities that we're aware of, it seems like they would make the most sense as 4 of the 5. Not including God assumes that he's not part of "Creation" because he is the Creator. But given that he will one day be reaped by Death, is that a safe assumption? Also, I understood that it was Castiel that pulled both Sam from the cage and Samuel from Heaven, so I'm not certain the Crowley, even as the King of Hell, is now powerful enough to be immune to the Colt. Crowley had to use an angel blade to kill angels, while Lucifer was able to kill angels without one.Factor

removed comment on Shtriga not being vulnerable to Colt as it was ïnvulnerabel to weapons made by man or God" given that it was actually killed by consecrated iron rounds while feeding. Missyjack (talk)

Regarding victims remaining unphased, I added a line back on Jan10 in the Use section pertaining to this as it does appear that the shot needs to be a killing blow. Azazel took a bullet to the leg while possessing John Winchester and both survived (in Devil's Trap). I seem to also remember someone taking a shot to the shoulder too and sparking but not killing, but I can't remember the specific episode. All the other shots were either misses (in one case stopped mid-flight), kills (usually head shots), or hits on beings who are "immune". --Staxeon 01:53, 24 January 2011 (UTC)

Do we have visual confirmation that it's the Colt in 5x20 and 5x22? —EllieMurasaki 15:49, 23 January 2011 (UTC As far as I can tell from screencaps yes, although its not unambiguous.--Missyjack 20:48, 23 January 2011 (UTC)

Currently constructing thoughts by mentally referencing episodes that portray beings that have been shot with the Colt gun but remained un-phased and or stationary, like: Lucifer, Ruby and Crowley. Any thoughts or suggestions concerning this; please feel free to aid me in this research. As it appears as if the users here overlooked occurrences of characters being shot with a Colt bullet and being perfectly fine afterwords.

Anderson54, January 18th 2011

entry by Confused Koopa Kid, - moved from entry page: Lucifer didn’t specify what other creatures can't be killed with the Colt. But here's the general speculated basis of what the Colt can't destroy:

Lucifer, Michael, Death and Jesse Turner. Now as for the fifth creature, it is highly assumed that who ever holds Leadership of Hell can't be destroyed by the Colt; at first Crowley was just the King of the Crossroads Demons, but after Lucifer's re-imprisonment, he claimed ownership and assumed leadership of Hell, which gave him the power to pull a an entity (in this case Sam) out of Lucifer's Cage and to pull a human soul from heaven (in this case Samuel).

  • Crowley who as of now is not a Crossroads Demon but the King of Hell, so he is of unknown power.
  • God.
  • Angels. Never seen an angel killed by the Colt.

RE Lucifer about the Colt:

Well first of all, it makes no sense to incorporate God as one of the five creatures that can't be killed with the Colt. God was never created; therefore he should be not connected or linked to created beings. But because he is The Creator, it is highly assumed that the Colt can't kill him anyway.

And secondly, I would assume that the Colt can kill/destroy White- Eyed Demons, and here's why: The Colt killed Azazel who appeared to have been stronger than Lilith herself.

And thirdly, I highly disagree with the speculation that Angels are immune to the Colt's affects. Castiel himself thought that the only thing that could destroy Lucifer aside Michael and God was the Colt; that vaguely shows that Castiel "knows" that the Colt can in fact kill an angel so he thought that it might work against Lucifer.

Confused Koopa Kid, November 7th 2010

In s05e20 (The Devil You Know), Bobby shoots Crowley with the Colt and does not kill him. It seems to me that would be canonical proof as to that the Colt cannot kill Crowley. I have refrained from adding that pending further discussion, however. --Proximus 04:20 UTC, June 15 2010

Deleted speculation about what the Colt can't kill. Please only include canonical information. You could include speculation if it comes from one of the characters --Missyjack 11:27, 27 November 2009 (UTC)

Deleted again speculation about what the Colt can't kill. Please feel free to leave those ideas on the discussion pages, but ity isnt feasible to include all specualtion ont he entries so we keep those to canon information in the main. --Missyjack 01:50, 4 December 2009 (UTC)

removed God from list of things that can't be killed by the Colt. While it is reasonable to assume this, it has not been confirmed in canon --Missyjack 04:28, 10 December 2009 (UTC)

personally i think the 1st thing on the list should not be lucifer, and should be angels in general. all the 'modifications' on the colt are anti-evil, e.g. pentagrams, and the latin for "i fear no evil". there is none of the enochian sigils, hence why it has no effect on lucifer, and (pressumeably) other angels.

We haven't seen them try the Colt on any angels other than Lucifer. Therefore, we can't assume it works on angels. Nor can we assume it doesn't. (We do, however, have to wonder why they didn't try it on NotLeah, or on Anna, or on any of the angels in Van Nuys, or, or.) —EllieMurasaki 04:18, 15 June 2010 (UTC)

I changed the demonym for the Texas soldiers from Texan to Texian. From the time Texas was settled while under Mexican control up through its time as the Republic as Texas its citizens were known as Texians. --Fuegogrande

As an added thought to the "five things it can't kill", Supernatural canon never explicitly stated Uriel was not an archangel, while it may be hard to believe almost all lore lists it as one. On that train of thought: Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael (the "cardinal" archangels) and Lucifer (the fallen archangel). Just some food for thought, --[User:vanm|vanm]

I find it very difficult to believe Supernatural's Uriel is an archangel. For one, he takes Anna's commands. For two, Anna killed him with ease. Also, no fair deleting other people's comments. —EllieMurasaki 14:52, 4 May 2011 (UTC)

Well, I know for a fact that Uriel wasn't an archangel, and I mean you no disrespect, but that's your problem, you taking facts from lore and traditions and somehow incorporate it with Supernatural canon, which to me, make absolutely no sense. Also, as an aside, in lore, Lucifer isn't always classed as an archangel; he is sometimes interpreted as being a cherubim, and in some cases, just an angel. -- ImperiexSeed, 3:36 PM, May 4th 2011

Moving this comment from entry, as it is interpretative rather than canonical. "It should be noted that lucifer said "in creation"-- so one can assume that God and Death are not included in the Archangels reference, as they are stated to have existed before time and everything else. This is explicitly implied by Death."

Again corrected the domonym used when referring for the Texas soldiers to Texians. Missyjack, I'd advise checking this link to a page on Texas A&M's web site before changing the domonym again. --Fuegogrande


Wouldn't Cain axiomatically be one of the things that can't be killed? If Death itself can't kill him, then the Colt should be unable to as well. Having said that, it should be stated that the First Blade is more powerful than the Colt, given that it was the only thing that could kill Cain (in conjunction with the Mark, of course). Death's scythe as well, presumably, should be stronger than the Colt given that it could kill Death (who could kill Lucifer, etc). --Basicbean (talk) 13:05, 4 June 2015 (PDT)

Cain should definitely be one of these five things. Maybe the Colt can't kill anything that was Darkness-related, but inside Creation. By Creation, meaning anything God-made. so God, Death and even the Darkness shouldn't be included in the list of these Five things since they are not part of Creation — God made Creation, Death was stated to be as old as God (and he's way above the other three horsemen), and The Darkness is definitely older. Lucifer was God-made (which makes him part of Creation, he even refered to himself like that), and Darkness-related, because of the Mark. I assume what the Colt can't kill is the Mark of Cain —which is God-made and related to the Darkness— and anyone who bears it; Lucifer, Cain...

So maybe the other three things the Colt cant kill are the other three Archangels after all? I mean, If Lucifer is part of Creation made by God, obviously so are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. (But let's be real here: when the writers wrote the fifth season, they still hadn't come up with the Darkness or the Mark or Cain, so It's just wild speculations here. Maybe they intended these five things to simply be God and his Archangels without thinking much of what Creation means, and forgetting about Death or something?)—Kika