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Page is Wrong

The page is wrong since the generator actually exorcised Lucifer while the spell just sent him back to the Cage. It has been repeatedly said that Rowena's spell would only work once Lucifer was out of his vessel. The generator drives both angels and demons from their vessel and once Luci was cast out (and notice that his exorcism effect at the end looked like a normal exorcism effect with just white smoke instead of black) of Rooney the spell cast him back into the Cage. The generator forced him out of Rooney, not Rowena's spell.--SupernaturalFan (talk) 21:41, 9 December 2016 (PST)

It's not wrong. The generator was specifically made for demons and Sam never got an answer if it would work on an angel. It had an effect on Lucifer, much like the Colt had, but did actually do what it was meant to do? It's not known if Lucifer left the vessel because of the generator or of his own accord. Lucifer leaving President Rooney looked just like when he left Vince Vincente in previous episode. As it stands it is ambiguous, until it can be confirmed in the next appearance that he was sent back to the Cage, I think it's best to leave it ambiguous. Mikael (talk)
Sam asked and Arthur's response was to ask what they'd gotten themselves into since they needed the generator for an angel. Since they took the generator, the answer was it would obviously work on one. Also, why would Lucifer willingly leave Rooney when he knew Rowena was casting a spell to banish him back to the Cage, one he knew would only work if he was out of his vessel??? He left Rooney's body in a similar way to when he left Vince yes, but demons leave their vessels in similar ways to how they exit them willingly when they're exorcised. That looked to me like when a demon is exorcised with the added effect of Lucifer going back to Hell due to Rowena's spell.--SupernaturalFan (talk) 11:04, 10 December 2016 (PST)
Well, without specifically delving into spoilers on this page. You can look around for interviews with Dabb about this subject that give reason for the ambiguity. I honestly see no problem with the wording, "Lucifer, believing he is going to lose tells Sam, it's not over, only to have Sam tell him to go to Hell. Lucifer then vacates President Jefferson Rooney, his essence swirling below the ceiling before going down a heating vent next to Sam." It's vague enough to work with either interpretation of the scene and accurately describes what happened on screen. I think it should remain vague and not ascribe any finality to it until the show comes back and it confirms one way or another. Because if you read around, plenty are interpenetrating it both ways, so this leaves wiggle room for both interpretations. Mikael (talk)