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Dennis Adams

Although Dennis does vomit blood and spends most of the episode motionless in the background shots, he's clearly visible in the foreground when Sam finds the future prophets, fairly healthy, alert and mobile. He's the only one completely visible when they poke their heads up from under the table.

From Farnathi

A 5th Archangel

Well during the scene were Kevin is reading the tablet to Crowley he revealed/mainly called Metatron an Archangel so that means he's the 5th known Archangel in the show behind, Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Raphael. Overall that certain information should be good to add to a Notes or Trivia Section of the Episode Page.

From Rod12

great catch on that! I've added to the page! Missyjack (talk)/Admin
Happy to help and glad to hear its added to the page. It will be interesting to see if he appears at all during Season 8 I hope it happens but who know in the end.
From Rod12

Purgatory Weapons

I was wondering should there be a page on the site here for The Purgatory Weapons that both Dean and Benny had in Purgatory. I mean we have only seen seen two weapons but they do seem to have some importance overall. An they seem to be effective on all Monsters in Purgatory in some form even The Leviathans. An in the Season 8 Premiere Dean was even prepaired to use it against some Demons as well. Oh well I thought I just ask that certain question.

From Rod12

Great idea! esp as Dean bought his back from Purgatory. Missyjack (talk)/Admin

Glad to hear you like my idea and you are right Dean did bring his back from Purgatory and I believe Benny did as well because I think it was seen again during the Blood Brothers Episode were Dean and Benny were hunting his nest and his maker. In the end there is reason to have such a page on the site because these weapons have been shown as important during Season 8. However there appearences have been brief I do admit but overall it would make for a great addition to the site.

From Rod12