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I don't know if any of these fits anywhere.

When Dean cocks his gun at the start of the episode, no shell enters the chamber. ((Even blanks come in shells))

It felt like a majority of the first half of the episode was to point out how freakishly large Sam is. For being 6`6 myself I quickly recognized the look of 'Oh My God he is a giant' from most of the extras.

Garth is played by the actor DJ Qualls who is best known for his work in the movie The New Guy. Where Dizzy, an unpopular kid turns into a popular kid and falls inlove with a popular girl that used to be unpopular. Both Garth and Dizzy acts the same hyperactive way and fall in love with an unpopular girl.


This may not fit anywhere, but a note to costuming: at the end of the final scene, as Dean gets into the impala, his shirt is switched to inside out, and it appears to be on correctly at all other points in the scene.

This may not fit anywhere, but in Hebrew the name "Becky" means to tie, bind, trap, snare, or one who ensnares.