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A love of supporting charitable causes and Supernatural t-shirts are long-standing in the Supernatural fandom. So bringing them together was an obvious match. Starting in late 2014, Misha Collins sold two fan-designed shirts to raise money for Random Acts. Osric Chau, Mark Sheppard, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and other cast members followed suit over the next couple of months and continue to do so throughout the show's run.

In November 2015, Creation Entertainment set up Creation Stands, which partnered fan-designed shirts and art with actors to raise money for charities.

There have been other t-shirts sold associated with actors from the show; this entry only documents those associated with charitable fundraising.

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"Always Keep Fighting" Round Seven: Jared & Jensen "Family Has Your Back"


Charity: "Charities that fight against depression, self harm and suicide."
On Sale: September 13, 2016 thru September 27th, 2016 Hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, tank tops, and long-sleeved raglans, all offered in a range of colors
Number Sold: 52,414

From the site: "'It's been 12 years together which makes us all family.' Join the AKF cause and help fund charities that fight against depression, self harm and suicide. **Commemorative "12" button pin exclusively accompanies every Pullover Hoodie purchase**
"It's been 12 years of nonstop excitement and thrilling adventure with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Whether you've rooted for them on screen or off, the two friends have been keen supporters of each other's work with the Always Keep Fighting, Love Yourself First and I Am Enough campaigns. Help these two celebrate 12 years of family with this limited edition Jared & Jensen, "Family Always Has Your Back" campaign.

Osric Chau's "On the Hunt"

A letter from Osric accompanying this campaign.

Charity: Random Acts
On Sale: August - September 2016 T-shirts and tanks offered in variants of three colors (Team Red, Team Blue, and Team Yellow)
Number sold: 1,129

From the Creation Stands site: "This Campaign will support Random Acts' Dreams 2 Acts Fund. Random Acts has joined together with volunteers to build a Center for Human Development which serves as the campus for a free High School in San Juan del Sur and fund the purchase of a bus to transport students to the school. Join us in standing with Osric to support this effort!

  • A portion of all proceeds goes to Random Acts
  • Orders ship 2 weeks after this campaign ends (Approximately 3rd week of September)
  • T's 100% cotton / Hoodie & Sweatshirt 50% cotton 50% polyester / Cinch Bag 50% cotton 50% polyester / Machine Wash / Imported
  • Design Fan Artist: Justyna Rerak"
Osric shows off the front and back designs of the shirt.

Mark Sheppard's "Make Hell Great Again"


Charity: Camp Conrad-Chinnock
On Sale: August 1 thru Aug 12, 2016 T-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts
Number Sold: 3,697

From the site: "He may be at the top of Hell's hierarchy, but English actor Mark Sheppard keeps charitable giving at the very top of his earthly duties. Join Mark in 'Making Hell Great Again' by providing children suffering from diabetes the chance to enjoy in all of the earthly delights of camp."

"Always Keep Fighting" Round Six: AKF "I Am Enough" Campaign

Afk6 monochrome.png

Charity: OneOrlando and the Equality Florida Institute (also presumably The Pack Fund)
On Sale: June 20, 2016 thru July 4, 2016 Hoodies, t-shirts, and tank tops, some styles offered in both rainbow and non-rainbow color schemes against a black, blue, or gray background
Number Sold: 33,465

From the site: "I AM ENOUGH! And so are YOU. In addition to finding charities that support the fight against depression, self harm and suicide a portion of the proceeds of the Rainbow tee will be donated to OneOrlando and Equality Florida's Pulse Victims Fund. --Jared"

And from further down the page: "The red heart, 'I am Enough' shirt will benefit the charities that Jared has supported in his previous campaigns to help raise awareness and end the social stigma around mental health."

Kim Rhodes & Briana Buckmaster's "Wayward AF"

Kim and Briana are wayward as fuck.
A letter from Kim and Briana accompanying this campaign.

Charity: Random Acts
On Sale: June 2016 Tanks, t-shirts, hoodies, and cinch bags
Number sold: ~7,500

From the site: "This Campaign will support Random Acts' Dreams 2 Acts Nicaragua project. Random Acts has joined together with volunteers to build a Center for Human Development which serves as the campus for a free High School in San Juan del Sur. Join us in standing with Kim & Briana to support this effort!"

Creation Stands, hosting the campaign, announced in a tweet that anyone purchasing a shirt by June 3rd would be entered in a chance to win a skype chat with Kim and Briana.

Throughout the campaign, Kim and Briana posted images of themselves in the shirts (and without pants on twitter and tumblr that became increasingly risque. Other SPN actors joined in the fun to support the cause, including Ruth Connell, Misha Collins and Matt Cohen, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., and Osric Chau.

"Always Keep Fighting" Round Five: AKF One Year Anniversary Campaign


Charity: The Pack Fund and the SPNFamily Crisis Support Network
On Sale: March 3, 2016 thru March 17, 2016 Hoodies, t-shirts, 3/4-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops, some styles offered in black, gray, navy, royal blue, and purple
Number Sold: 39,046

From the site: "Loving yourself is vital in the fight against mental health problems, so I want to encourage y'all to focus on loving yourselves first... each and every one of you is worthy. --Jared"

Jared announced in a tweet that he would call one fan selected at random from everyone who purchased this shirt within the first 48 hours. In a livestream two days later, he named the fan who had won. Throughout the campaign, he continued to offer surprise gifts to randomly selected fans who had purchased shirts, including an AKF shirt from his own collection and an autographed script, as well as thanking fans repeatedly in livestreams on his facebook. Misha Collins also supported the campaign throughout the duration, with status updates and pictures of himself in an AKF shirt posted to his twitter.

Jensen and Misha's "You Are Not Alone" T-Shirt

Youarenotalone shirt.jpg
Youarenotalone bag.JPG

Charity: SPNFamily Crisis Support Network
On Sale: February 12, 2016 thru February 28, 2016 T-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, and drawstring bags
Number Sold: 40,074

From the site: "Let us start by saying thank you to all the fans that have been with us over the past 10 years! The thing we love most about Supernatural fans is the sense of community. We are so appreciative to have you in our lives and we want you to know that You Are Not Alone."

During this campaign, Misha posted on his twitter that he would call a number of fans who purchased the shirt within the first weekend it was on sale. He mentioned in another tweet that a randomly selected fan who purchased the shirt would also win a skype session with him and Jensen. It was later announced that all buyers from this campaign would be automatically eligible for Jensen and Misha's "Hawaii Hook-up" Sweepstakes.

Jensen and Misha pose in their YANA shirts on the set.

Kim Rhodes & Briana Buckmaster's "Wayward Daughters"


Charity: Random Acts
On Sale: December 2015 T-shirts and hoodies
Number sold: 2,347

Relaunched in August 2016 to benefit Random Acts' Dreams 2 Acts Nicaragua project once again.
On Sale: August 8th thru August 22nd, 2016 T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and cinch bags
Number Sold: 1,259

Wayward Daughters is a collaboration and we elected to support Random Acts. I have personal reasons for this as well.

I have been wayward much of my life. Often it was by choice, opting to belligerently pursue the road less traveled because it led someplace I shouldn't go. Other times it was by failure and I'd wind up sitting alone among

the metaphorical thorn bushes, weeping and hoping for guidance. Or at least an end to the self-inflicted pain. I was judged, I was scolded, I was silenced, I was mocked, I was ignored... but there was only one thing that ever brought me home. An act of kindness. It costs me nothing to be kind. It gives me everything. And practicing kindness now includes how I treat myself. I still identify as wayward. But we all do, don't we? A little? So supporting Random Acts seems a pretty logical thing for Wayward Daughters to do.

– Kim Rhodes, From the Creation Stands campaign site

Kim and Briana wear the shirt.

Wayward Daughters supporting Random Acts seems like a pretty obvious pairing to me. The movement behind Wayward daughters is inspired by the idea that we are all capable of finding our greater selves. Every set-back, every time we fall, it gives us new opportunity to rise up. But doing it alone can be tricky. That’s why we need to band together to support each other. To be there to lend a hand when one of us is feeling too weak. My dream for Wayward daughters is that it becomes a symbol to silently say “Go. Be you. I've got your back”. Random Acts is the perfect embodiment of such words. They are there to not only help you, but to also teach and encourage you to help others. They are an incredible charity and I am truly grateful and humbled to have an opportunity to help them.

– Briana Buckmaster, From the Creation Stands campaign site

"Always Keep Fighting" Thanksgiving specials

AKF beanie.png

Charity: A portion of proceeds goes to The Pack Fund a joint fund set up by Jared & Jensen, and various causes promoting mental health awareness.
On Sale: November 2015 Beanies and Letterman Jacket

"Always Keep Fighting" Round Four


Charity: A portion of proceeds goes to The Pack Fund a joint fund set up by Jared & Jensen, and various causes promoting mental health awareness.
On Sale: July 2015 T-shirts
Number Sold: 45,999

Jim Beaver's "Family Don't End With Blood"

Jim Beaver TShirt.png

Charity: 100% of all profits go to Rainbow House, a charity providing free food & clothing to the poor of the Cherokee Reservation in northeast Oklahoma. Click here to support directly.
On Sale: Sept. 16 thru Sept. 30, 2015 T-shirts
Number Sold: 2,208

Relaunched in November 2015 to benefit the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

Relaunched in June 2016 once again to benefit the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.
On sale: May 27th thru June 9th, 2016 T-shirts
Number Sold: ?

"Always Keep Fighting" Round Three


Charity: A portion of proceeds goes to a joint fund set up by Jared & Jensen, and various causes promoting mental health awareness.
On Sale: July 2015 T-shirts
Number Sold: 40,152

Jared and Jensen's "Always Keep Fighting Campaign"


Charity: Proceeds will go to a joint fund set up by Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles
On Sale: April 2015 T-shirts and totes and Phone Cases
Number Sold: 70,121 (58,195 in original launch) t-shirts. 2,510 phone cases and 526 kid's t-shirts sold.

On 16th April 2015, Jared and Jensen launched a new, joint campaign with a video on Jared's Facebook page. They announced their intention to set up a joint fund that would distribute the money raised to various organizations.


Jared's "Always Keep Fighting" T-shirt


Charity: To Write Love On Her Arms, The Wounded Warrior Project and A.I.R. Attitudes In Reverse - Student Suicide Prevention - Mental Health
On Sale: March, 2015
Number Sold: 46,436

From the t-shirt site: "When life beats you down, NEVER give up. Proceeds from my FIRST EVER limited edition shirt will go to "To Write Love On Her Arms", to help people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide."

Help the Trans support Homeboy Industries!


Charity: Homeboy Industries
On Sale: April, 2015
Number Sold: 70

The t-shirt featured a photo of Lauren with Osric Chau (dressed as Gaara from Naruto) taken by Creation Photographer Chris Schmelke. The shirt has the slogan "Death doesn't conquer all, love does].

Jensen's "SPN Family" T-shirt

Spnfamily tshirt.jpg

Charity: Proceeds will go to a joint fund set up by Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles
On Sale: February, 2015
Number Sold: 8,245

From Jensen: “It’s been 10 seasons together…which makes us all family. That inspired me to design my first ever T-shirt for you. “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man” -Don Corleone. Here’s to the SPNFamily!”

The t-shirt design echos a poster from The Godfather featuring Marlon Brando as Don Corleone.

Jensen wears Jensen.

Mark Sheppard's "Diabetes No" T-shirt


Charity: Diabetes Education and Camping Association and Camp Conrad-Chinnock
On Sale: January, 2015]
Number Sold: ?

From Mark Sheppard:

My son Will, a type 1 diabetic, and I are donating our profits from this shirt to help support DCES and Camp Conrad-Chinnock, A sleep away camp for diabetic kids. Mark xoxoxo

Mark and Will - the inspiration for the t-shirt design.

Osric's Advanced Placement T-shirt


Charity: Random Acts
On Sale: December 2014 - January, 2015
Number Sold: 984

From Osric: "It's official, I’ve got my first fan shirt! I designed this shirt with one of my favorite artists, so I hope you like it!”

Misha's Random Act T-shirt


Charity: Random Acts
On Sale: December 2014 - January, 2015
Number Sold: 2,159
Fan Design by Serina Mercardo

Misha's Holiday T-shirt


Charity: Random Acts
On Sale: November, 2014
Number Sold: 8,508

From Misha: I got sentimental watching SPN last night. It's been many years working on this show. Even longer for some others. Kids have been born, people have passed away. Lives have been touched. In 2010 i banded together with some SPN fans to start Random Acts. Since then we have funded and inspired thousands of charitable acts including the construction of an orphanage and the funding of a school. We have big ambitions for this coming year. We're going to try to build another school and launch a charity crowdsourcing platform that we hope will move mountains. If you want to support these projects, you can buy a T-shirt. 100% of proceeds will go to Random Acts and you will have a nice, warm shirt in time for the holidays. Buy a shirt and i promise we'll try to galvanize some good with the money we raise. (It's also a clever way for me to realize my life-long dream of resting my head on your chest. (Source)