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Name Susan
Actor Olivia Cheng
Occupation Leviathan
Personal assistant
Episode(s) 7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters
7.22 There Will Be Blood
7.23 Survival of the Fittest

Why are you out of your cage, mouse?

– Susan, 7.23 Survival of the Fittest


Susan is a Leviathan who works as the personal assistant to the head Leviathan, Dick Roman.


7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Susan accompanies Dick Roman to the complex where Dr. Gaines has synthesized a food additive which he has put into the turducken. Dick is not happy as the "failures" have made the papers, due to their killings of locals and holiday makers. More importantly, Dick points out, they've broken his golden rule - there's no such thing as monsters. As punishment he "bibs" Dr. Gaines - literally placing a plastic bib on him, and making him eat himself. Susan then removes the goo stained bib. Later, she attacks Bobby as he tries to escape, but he shoots her in the head with one of Dick's guns. However, the wound quickly heals.

7.22 There Will Be Blood

After Dick's TV interview with Gloria Jane about SucroCorp, Susan gives him his briefcase with the Word of God inside it. He then asks her if they have a representative in the media yet, to which she replies no. Dick tells her to put a "replace order" on Gloria, meaning to have a Leviathan copy and replace her. She ask him what to do with Gloria's body and Dick tells her to call up Chef Fieri as he's in the mood for "barbecue."

7.23 Survival of the Fittest

After working out a deal and contract with Crowley to betray the Winchesters, Dick orders Susan to make copies of it. Later, he tells her to fetch the real Dick Roman's severed arm so other leviathans can clone him and protect him from Dean and Sam in case Crowley betrays him. After that, Dick's delegates arrive and he and Susan greet them. She also re-captures Kevin Tran when he tries to escape from the SucroCorp office building.


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