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Directed by Thomas J. Wright and Written by Ben Edlund

Check the episode entry for Repo Man for a recap, and all the music, pop culture references, and mythology.

New and updated entries: Jeffrey, Nora Havelock, Hallucifer, Devil's trap (symbol) and Exorcism

  • For all the latest interviews and news relating to the seventh season see Season 7 Spoilers.
  • Check our Season 8 page for all the latest about the Show's possibility of renewal for another season.

Promo for the next new episode to air March 16th.

Season 7 Schedule

The Supernatural Post Production Fez

This is the current episode schedule. Click through to the unaired episode entries for links to spoilers.

The reason for the "mini-breaks" early this year, is that Supernatural had a much shorter end of year hiatus - last year it went from December 10, 2010 to February 7, 2011. The network adjusts the schedule to maximize rating, particularly ensuring that key episodes fall during February or May sweeps periods.
Remember, this year for the first time, there will be 23 episodes in the season!

March 16th: 7.17 Unaired Episode
March 25th: 7.18 Unaired Episode

Supernatural News

Supernatural won both Favorite Network TV Drama and Favorite SciFi Fantasy Show in the People's Choice Awards!!!


* There is also a fundraising drive for St Jude's organised by Winchester Bros here
  • Jared will have time off from filming when his son is born but will not miss any episodes Source.

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