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* [http://www.ksitetv.com/supernatural/supernatural-spoilers-rupture-images-description/ The 'Supernatural' Guys on Being 'Humbled & Grateful' for the SPN Family ] by TVLine
* [http://www.ksitetv.com/supernatural/supernatural-spoilers-rupture-images-description/ The 'Supernatural' Guys on Being 'Humbled & Grateful' for the SPN Family ] by TVLine
* 17th October: [[15.02 Raising Hell]]<br>
** [http://www.ksitetv.com/supernatural/supernatural-15-2-description-raising-hell/196890/ Synopsis and promo photos]
** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CREaf6rKedk Promo Trailer]
* 24th October: [[15.03 The Rupture]]<br>
* 24th October: [[15.03 The Rupture]]<br>
** [http://www.ksitetv.com/supernatural/supernatural-spoilers-the-rupture-description/197376/ Synopsis]
** [http://www.ksitetv.com/supernatural/supernatural-spoilers-the-rupture-description/197376/ Synopsis]
* 31st October: [[15.04 Atomic Monsters]]<br>
* 7th November: [[15.04 Atomic Monsters]]<br>
* 7th November(tbc): [[15.05 Unaired Episode]] <br>
** [http://www.ksitetv.com/supernatural/supernatural-spoilers-atomic-monsters-description/197700/ Synopsis]
* 14th November(tbc): [[15.06 Unaired Episode]] <br>
* 14th November(tbc): [[15.05 Unaired Episode]] <br>
* 21st November (tbc): [[15.07 Unaired Episode]] <br>
* 21st November (tbc): [[15.06 Unaired Episode]] <br>
* 28th November (tbc): [[15.08 Unaired Episode]] <br>
* 28th November (tbc): [[15.07 Unaired Episode]] <br>
* 5th December (tbc): [[15.09 Unaired Episode]] <br>
* 5th December (tbc): [[15.10 Unaired Episode]] <br>
==Supernatural Cast & Crew Information==
==Supernatural Cast & Crew Information==

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Writer: Andrew Dabb Director: John Showalter
Synopsis: As Sam, Dean, and Castiel battle the damned souls Chuck released from Hell try to protect a local town, the meet a strange new ally.


  • "The Famous Final Scene" by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
(plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events and the opening scene until the title card; also played in 9.10 Road Trip)
  • "Gimme What I Want" by Tony Stafford, Jr., Michael Smith, and NineOneOne (Extreme Music)
(playing in the girl's room when Bloody Mary attacks)
  • "Too Good to Be True" by Lon Rogers & the Soul Blenders
(playing from the car stereo of the Woman in White victim; also played in 13.11 Breakdown)

New and Updated entries: Belphegor, Hell Ghosts, Bloody Mary and episode transcript.


YouTube link; Vimeo link


Supernatural Cast & Crew Information

  • Addresses for cast and crew.
  • Please be aware if you don't instruct couriers you will cover customs/duty on shipments the studio in Vancouver can't accept delivery.

Supernatural Films Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby, B.C.
V3N 5C8

The writing team of Supernatural
c/o Holly Ollis
Warner Bros Television
4000 Warner Blvd
Bldg 140.
Burbank, CA 91522

You can contact via the following addresses :

  • Jensen Ackles, c/o Management 360, 9111 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • Jared Padalecki, c/o Industry Entertainment, 955 S. Carrillo Dr., 3rd Floor, LA, CA 90048
  • Misha Collins, c/o 1920 N. Hillhurst #170 Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Mark Sheppard, c/o 14431 Ventura Blvd #606, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
  • Richard Speight, Jr., c/o Thruline Entertainment, 9250 Wilshire Blvd., Ground Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
  • Rob Benedict, c/o think tank management, 1416 N. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90028
  • Louden Swain, Box 500, 11271 Ventura Blvd, Studio City CA 91604
  • Briana Buckmaster, PO BOX 1087, Gibsons, BC V0N1V0, Canada
  • Gil McKinney, c/o Framework Entertainment, 9057 Nemo St, Ste C, West Hollywood, CA 90069

SuperWiki Updates

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Crisis Support Network

Crisis support network.png

The Crisis Support Network is a project of Random Acts in partnership with IMAlive, To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), and Pop Culture Hero Coalition, supported by the Supernatural fandom. This initiative provides:

  • Training opportunities for fan volunteers who wish to be crisis responders in their spare time,
  • Immediate access to support lifelines for fans in crisis,
  • Local community resources for those needing additional support or information, and
  • Training programs for those affected by cyberbullying.


Latest News about Supernatural and our Fandom
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jared and Jensen get friendship tattoos

For all the Supernatural and fandom news as it happens follow us on Twitter @SuperWiki.

  • Stay up-to-date with all the Supernatural news with the Route 66 newsletter, delivered to your inbox every two weeks. Sign up here.


  • Voting is on for the People’s Choice Awards where Supernatural is nominated in the SciFi Fantasy Show category. You can vote on the PCA site here. Find out how to vote via Twitter and Xfinity here. Let’s win this one last time for Supernatural!
  • On 5th October, Jeffrey Dean Morgan married Hilarie Burton. The two have been together since introduced by their respective friends co-stars Jensen and Danneel (One Tree Hill). The ceremony was officiated by Jensen and JDM's current costar from The Walking Dead Norman Reedus.
  • Also at Jeff's wedding, he Jensen and Jared then got MATCHING FREAKING TATTOOS. They are stylised crown that symbolises three kings, and the 3 peaks are a W for Winchester.

On his Instagram post JDM said " Hilarie and I weren't the only ones joined for life. Jared, Jensen and myself will forever have a bond that is both special and permanent."

  • Jared has his next project lined up - a reboot of the 90s classic series "Walker, Texas Ranger" that starred Chuck Norris. The series - to be called "Walker" - would be set in Austin, and "focus on Walker as he returns from two years undercover. A widower and father of two, he begins fighting crime with a new partner, who is one of the only female Rangers in history." The show is being written and executive produced by Anna Fricke, who is currently under an overall deal at CBS TV Studios, who previously co-created the Syfy US version of the series “Being Human” with husband Jeremy Carver. Jared is also listed as an executive producer. The Show will air on The CW.'


  • Starting on 1st October Michael Rosenbaum will be featuring four days of Supernatural guests - Mark Sheppard, Misha, Jared and Jensen - on his podcast "Inside of You".



  • Jensen and Steve Carlson have been working on writing and recording original music together over the last year and we now know the name of the band is Radio Company. They have released a limited edition vinyl version of their album Vol.1 for pre-order along with band merchandise on their website.
  • Check out our new Music Gig Calendar for upcoming concerts, outside of the convention circuit.
  • Dogwood Events presents a concert to benefit Random Acts on 30th September with Rob Benedict, Justin Guarini, Rachel Miner, Jason Manns, and more! Concert is on at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC . Tickets and details here.
  • Jason Manns has revealed that Richard Speight's album will be launched at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on November 26. Ticket details to come.
  • Supernatural got a cheeky shout-out from Kansas at a recent concert. Acknowledging the news that Show was coming to an end, they bought a gravestone on stage with “Winchester” written on it before singing “Carry On”!


Fandom and Cast Projects

  • Ruth Connell will lead the first public reading of HERETICS by playwright Ellie Pyle on September 25 at 8pm on The Broadwater Mainstage and September 26 at 8pm in the Broadwater Blackbox). Tickets can be reserved at: bespoke-plays-heretics.eventbrite.com
  • Supernatural writer alumi Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder have had a new series “Brain Trust” picked up for development by NBC. The series is based around the premise of people being able to project their mind into another person’s body.
  • You can catch Timothy Omundson and Todd Stashwick in a quirky romcom on Amazon Prime called Wild Honey. Timothy will also feature in the upcoming season of hit NBC show This Is Us. Its wonderful to see Tim working again following his recovery from a stroke he had in 2017.
  • Matt Cohen will star in a Hallmark Christmas movie on Sunday, December 22 called “Holiday Date”.
  • Fanfic Archive AO3 wins a Hugo award.
  • Looking for a Supernatural fanfic or art challenge to take part in our read? Then check out this amazing database of over 90 Big Bangs and over 160 other types of challenges compiled by Alyndra !
  • The Road So Far is an Archive of over 13,000 Supernatural fan artworks, collecting the incredible and diverse works of both active and deactivated artists from the fandom in one blog as a time capsule of talent.
  • Gen fic Rec List by by The First Draft Saloon

Fic/Art Challenges Posting is now underway: