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Tagging Project

The Supernatural Fic Link Archive is a project by black_samvara, who tags all the stories listed in the spnnewsletter producing a searchable archive of links. To date there are 39,425 works of fan fiction at delicious.

Fics are searchable by author, category, rating and pairing.

Statistics are produced for every 50 newsletters tagged, giving an overview of growth and trends within the fandom. It should be noted however that not all fics are included in the newsletter, which requires that a work lists both a pairing and a rating. WIPs are counted as one work.



By analysing the categories, the following charts were produced, providing a fascinating insight into the distribution of stories in different categories.


These can also be represented as a percentage. Below are the categories taken in snapshots every 50 newsletters.

In April 2007 RPF consisted of 15.58% of the total, rising to 22.05% by August 2009.


Supernatural fanfiction

Statistics effective 17 August 2009.

Please note: for the purposes of this tagging system 'Wincest' includes Sam/Dean, Sam/John & Dean/John

Category 24/01/09 05/05/09 17/08/09
Wincest 39.67% 39.11% 38.49%
Other Slash 4.35% 5.72% 7.92%
Gen 37.74% 37.20% 36.16%
Het 16.72% 16.48% 16.09%
Femslash 0.38% 0.39% 0.42%


Real Person fanfiction

Statistics effective 17 August 2009

Category 24/01/09 05/05/09 17/08/09
J2 83.66% 84.63% 84.87%
Other Slash 11.27% 10.47% 10.39%
Gen 0.91% 0.94% 1.00%
Het 5.81% 5.37% 5.39%
Femslash 0.16% 0.15% 0.15%



Sam/Dean (29.43%) and Jared/Jensen (18.79%) are by far the most popular pairings written about. The next most popular are summarised below, the most notable being the startling rise of Dean/Castiel since Castiel was first introduced in Season 4.