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* [http://black-samvara.livejournal.com/317422.html?page=2 More information on the project]
* [http://black-samvara.livejournal.com/317422.html?page=2 More information on the project]
[[Category:Fandom]][[Category:Fan Projects]]
[[Category:Fandom]][[Category:Fanworks]][[Category:Fanfiction]][[Category:Fan Projects]]

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The Supernatural Fic Link Archive is a project by black_samvara, who tagged all the stories listed in the spnnewsletter producing a searchable archive of links to 17,355 works of fanfiction.

Fics are searchable by author, category, rating and pairing.

By analysing the categories, the following charts were produced, providing a fascinating insight into the distribution of stories in different categories. 83% of stories were based in the Supernatural verse, and 17% were RPF.

Fic categories in Supernatural fan fiction

Fic Categories in Supernatural fan fiction