Supernatural: The Usual Sacrifices

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Supernatural - The Usual Sacrifices.jpg
Title Supernatural: The Usual Sacrifices
ISBN 978-1783298563
Author(s) Yvonne Navarro
Publisher Titan Books
Published June 27, 2017
Purchase Available on Amazon
Preceded by Supernatural: Mythmaker
Succeeded by TBA

Supernatural: The Usual Sacrifices by Yvonne Navarro is the fifthteenth novel tie-in for Supernatural. It was published June 27, 2017 by Titan Books and is 320 pages in length.


Visitors passing through Brownsdale, Kentucky are often never seen again. The locals claim that it’s easy to fall victim to the vast local caves if explored unaided, but when two young girls go missing Sam and Dean set out to investigate. As the brothers start to suspect something far more sinister in the town, and possibly lurking in Mammoth Cave, they realize that someone is determined to protect the town secret—even if it means killing Sam and Dean himself.



  • Set during season 10.

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