Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting

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Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting cover.jpg
Title Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting
Medium novel
Creator(s) David Reed
Publisher It Books
Release Date September 6 2011
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This is the first novel to focus on Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer has been a hunter since Sam and Dean Winchester were in diapers, and he's hunted every monster, spirit and demon there is. He's become a surrogate father to Dean and Sam, and their most trusted ally. They count on his knowledge to get them out of jams, but now that knowledge is disappearing-something is stealing Bobby's memories! With only hours until he becomes a gibbering vegetable, Bobby must write down everything he's learned in over twenty years on the job. If he fails, all his experience will be gone forever. If he's lucky, he may even track down the creature that got him in this mess in the first place.