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Supernaturaltv.jpg features episode guides, picture galleries, links to interviews, as well as a message board for fans.

The site

Kittsbud started in September 2005 after the WB announced that Jensen Ackles would leave Smallville to star in a new horror/suspense television series. Kittsbud created the site for fans to discuss Supernatural as soon as the show started. The site quickly grew into one of the top fan sites for Supernatural with show-related news, spoilers, and images. In June 2008, Kittsbud turned over ownership of to BuddyTV. Abbey of BuddyTV was the webmaster. was open to contributions from fans, including episode reviews, fan creations, and reports from set visits and conventions. The site folded when Buddy TV did in 2018.

The message forumstate that all material posted on the site is to be rated PG-13. This includes no "adult language" "explicit sexual content ". There is a blanket ban on anything relating to Wincest although links to this type of work (eg fanfic) may be posted on the board with warnings about the content, but the actual work may not appear on the board.

There is also a ban on linking to any filesharing sites.

Posts in the message forums often feature personalised banners or avatars.

The forums's message board (hosted by InvisionFree) became a large, international community of fans who talk about Supernatural on a daily basis. The message board features forums for episodes, characters, actors, fanfiction, fanart, spoilers, and games. As the community grew, the message board became a place to discuss many other interests, including paranormal activity, TV shows and movies, and current events. As of June 2009, there are just over 42,000 members registered on the message board.

In 2008 site was involved with BenBella books in running the Smart Pop Supernatural Essay Contest and editing the book In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural which was published in March 2009.