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Mission & Purpose

The goal of Super-wiki is to provide an extensive information resource and compendium of fan knowledge, including not only the documentation of canonical information but the documentation of the Supernatural fandom.

In mind of this, the Supernatural Wiki is built on software that allows any visitor to sign up with a unique username and contribute their own knowledge.

The multi-authored nature of this model is considered central to the ideals the Supernatural Wiki is based on – recognising the value of fan knowledge, experience and production by providing an environment within which fans can document, share and research both their own experiences, community, and the show around which the community is based.

This multi-authored model is also key to ensuring the information contained within is as extensive and unbiased as possible. In order for the Supernatural Wiki to function reliably as such a resource, the free-for-all dynamic of multiple authoring needs to be tempered with an attitude that recognises the validity of each fan's opinions, beliefs and interpretations..

The Mission in Action

The Administration Team does not moderate contributions, but constantly monitors to ensure these ideals are adhered to. This may include re-phrasing contentious, offensive or opinionated text, seeking out and providing citation or credit where possible, and working to ensure the contribution is relevant enough for inclusion.

Where possible, the team enjoys working directly with the contributor to integrate their work, to ensure an even-handed approach.