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This page is intended as a place where visitors and editors can share their ideas of content for the wiki.

If you think the Super-wiki is missing something, or you have created something you wish to build into the wiki, or you've got a great concept of how something could be changed, here's the place to share!

All suggestions are welcome. Don't be shy, the Admin Team are friendly and helpful and watching this page, ready to chat about your idea, hold your hand in the process of making it happen, or carry out your wishes.

So feel free to edit the section below. Help us keep this page organized by following the format - you may copy & paste:

=== Name of idea, eg. page name, goes here ===

Details about your idea goes here. If possible, provide a link to where the material for your suggested page is.

If it's something you'd like to work with the admins on, leave your email address, or Contact us directly.

Share your ideas below

Regular Contributors category?

Should we have a category for those users who contribute regularly/have a specialty/etc? It could simply be a categorisation of their user pages.

Maps for each Season

Using the new GoogleMaps extension, Location Map (Season 1), Location Map (Season 2), Location Map (Season 3) (or - Season 1 Location Map?)

--Angstslashhope 03:50, 8 November 2007 (PST)

Fictional Locations page

For the Documentation of Minutiae category - a page that lists all the fictional locations in the show & their meanings where they have them (eg. Richardson = JA's hometown; Burkitsville = Blair Witch)

--Angstslashhope 04:19, 8 November 2007 (PST)

Supernatural Tattoos?

Page in the fandom category where fans can share their Supernatural-inspired tattoos. How do fans feel about sharing this?

--Angstslashhope 01:58, 28 September 2007 (PDT)

How to Kill the Supernatural

i thought it would be a cool idea to include info on how to dispose of everything supernatural the brothers have encountered all in one place. heres what i got so far, but additions, edits or corrections would be great.

Spirit - Salt and Burn Remains or Otherwise Put at Rest (various episodes but i can list all of them if i need to)

Wendigo - Burn (1.02 Wendigo. Dean shoots it with a flare gun)

Demon - Exorcism (various episodes but i can list all of them if i need to)

Shapeshifter - Silver Bullet or Blade (1.06 Skin, 2,12 Nightshifter. Dean shoots the first one with a silver bullet and Dean stabs the second with a silver letter opener)

Rawhead - Electrocution (1.12 Faith. Dean electrocuts it with a taser)

Reaper - N/A (1.12 Faith, 2.01 In my time of Dying. in Faith Dean says you cant kill death and in 2.01 Sam says if its here naturally theres no way to stop it)

Shtriga - Consecrated Wrought Iron Rounds While Feeding (1.18 Something Wicked. Dean shoots it while it feeds on Sam)

Vampire - Beheading (1.20 Dead Mans Blood, 2.03 Bloodlust, 3.07 Fresh Blood.)

Rakshasa - Brass Blade (2.02 Everybody loves a clown. Sam kills it with a brass pipe from an organ)

Zombie - Nail to Grave Bed (2.04 Children shouldn't play with dead things. Dean nails her to her coffin)

Trickster - Stake Dipped in the Blood of a Victim Through the Heart (2.15 Tall Tales. Dean stabs it although it was only an apparition and not the real thing leaving the trickster alive)

Werewolf - Silver Bullet to the Heart (2.17 Heart. Dean kills the sire werewolf and Sam kills Madison)

Djinn - Silver Blade Dipped in Lamb's Blood (2.20 What is and what should never be. Dean stabs in as it attacks Sam)

Changling - Burn also Burning Mother Will Kill Children (3.02 The kids are alright. Sam burns the mother )


Vanir - Burn Sacred Tree (1.11 Scarecrow. Emily burns the tree after escaping the scarecrow)

(Christmas one) - Evergreen Stake (3.08 A very supernatural christmas. Sam kills one and Dean kills one with branches from a christmas tree


Native American Bugs - N/A (1.08 Bugs. In the episode Dean says You dont break the curse, you get out of its way)

Rabbit's Foot - Burn in Cemetary with Cayenne Pepper and Bone Ash (3.03 Bad day at black rock. Sam and Dean destroy it after "convincing" Bela to hand it over)

im unsure of the name of the god in 3.08 but ive read it be something like Holnacar or Hold Nickar. im not very familiar with all the editing and adding stuff so someone would have to creat it for me, assuming it was found acceptable. i can be reached at --Thay02

Multi-language Wiki?

Hey. Some days ago I sent an email to the contact adress of this site presenting this idea, however, I didn't get an answer. I'm not sure if you just didn't answer or if it didn't reach you at all. Anyway, my idea is to try and build up one or more non-English versions of this Wiki, possibly based on translations of the articels from the English one. I myself could put some work into a German version, as I'm from Switzerland (the German-speaking part, we have four different languages here^^). It wouldn't be so much because I also have a lot to do for school and these things, but at least something. I think it would be possible to recruit other German-speaking fans who'd participate. As mentioned, I myself couldn't do the job alone, neither translating all the articles nor recruiting so much people to do so, so it is more a idea to think about than an offer. However, if the idea is considered good, I would, of course, do my best :)

Greetings from Switzerland--Fabian 12:20, 23 May 2008 (PDT)