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The presence, and especially the smell, of sulfur is closely associated with the presence of demons. There are tales of sulfur-breathing demons, and other demons are thought to live in pits of sulfur and fire in hell.

Pad of Definitions, (1.04 Phantom Traveler), Official Website

Sulfur often indicates the presence of demons in Supernatural. Its presence is one of the first things that Sam and Dean often look for at the site of a supernatural event to determine whether demons are involved. It was used in 7.15 Repo Man by Jeffrey to trick Sam and Dean into thinking that a demon is behind a series of murders, when in fact Jeffrey is the killer.


Sulfur and Lore

Sulfur, also called brimstone, is a yellow element that smells strongly of rotten eggs. It has a long association with Hell. Sulfur has been used to treat diseases like eczema, and to kill fungus. It is also a traditional ingredient in black powder.

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