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The Styne family crest.

The real family tree. The name was altered out of necessity. You have chanced upon a lineage with a long and proud tradition... And some unwanted notoriety. One of Europe's oldest families. The house of... Frankenstein.

Eldon Styne, 10.21 Dark Dynasty

Family Members

  • Monroe Styne - Family patriarch, father of Jacob, Eldon, and Cyrus, Uncle of Eli and Roscoe
  • Jacob Styne - Oldest son of Monroe, brother to Eldon and Cyrus. Cousin of Eli and Roscoe
  • Eldon Styne - Middle son of Monroe, brother to Jacob and Cyrus. Cousin of Eli and Roscoe.
  • Cyrus Styne - Youngest Son of Monroe, brother to Jacob and Eldon. Cousin of Eli and Roscoe.
  • Eli Styne - Nephew of Monroe, cousin to Jacob, Eldon, and Cyrus, brother to Roscoe.
  • Roscoe Styne - Nephew of Monroe, cousin to Jacob, Eldon, and Cyrus, brother to Eli.


Causing murder and mayhem for over a thousand years, the Stynes are one of Europe's oldest families, known then as Frankenstein. They were forced to change their family name out of necessity and go underground after a family acquaintance, Mary Shelley, spent a few nights in castle Frankenstein and stumbled upon their secrets, and wrote the novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, however no one believed it to be a true account and thought it was fiction. Because of the name change post-publication, the Men of Letters' files on them only date as far back as the early 1800's.

The Styne family believe that through chaos and desperation, there is always profit to be made in the cleanup. Through the use of the Book of the Damned the Styne family spent centuries using spells to create diseases such as the Black Death, starting the Hundred Years' War, destabilizing markets and recessions. For the last eighty years, the Styne family has been without the Book of the Damned, though it has not diminished their influence in world events, as the family helped the Nazis and possibly the Thule Society rise to power, the Arab Spring and even the attacks of 9/11 without the book. Claiming the Book of the Damned merely facilitates, and the true source of the family's power comes from their intelligence and will. The family is vastly spread throughout the world, and Eldon Styne explained that even he doesn't know how many there are or the identity of their primary leader or the location of the family's main base of operations, stating that there are secrets.

However, the family specialty is in bioengineering and surgical enhancement. Each member of the Stynes has had some form of enhancement done to their bodies, making them more durable as was seen when Jacob Styne was able to take five shots to the chest and keep attacking Sam, and Eldon Styne being able to rip off his own arm and not succumb to the blood loss or slip into shock. However, a shot to the head will kill them instantly as they only have one brain.


10.18 Book of the Damned

Jacob Styne is seen tracking Charlie through the location of the Book of the Damned. He uses a magical compass to detect her location in an alley in Des Moines, Iowa. Charlie burst out of a dumpster and uses a sword to stab one of Jacob's associates and slices his hand. When she demands him to reveal why he's following her, he tells her that he's tracking the book and that his people will never stop looking for her, stating that it will only end with her dying. He reveals that he has been tracking her throughout Russia and Alaska and attacks her when she gets distracted by his tattoo of his family's crest. When she runs away, Jacob shoots her left side, injuring her as she escapes.

She is able to go into hiding in one of Bobby's old hunting cabins after she calls Sam and Dean to tell them about her retrieval of the Book of the Damned and the crusade resulting in its recovery by the book's previous owners. She is able to draw a copy of Jacob's tattoo so Dean can search for it while combing through the Men of Letters' files on occult families and Sam attempts to translate the book. Jacob arrives at a gas station and tries to use his compass to locate the book, but it was hidden in a warded lead-lined box, rendering it hidden from the compass. He them proceeds to interrogate everyone at all the truck stops and gas stations to locate her. Dean is able to identify the tattoo as the crest of the Styne Family who used spells from the Book of the Damned to create disease, destabilize markets, and even help the Nazis before they came into power, profiting from everything afterwards. However he discovers that the book, which they lost nearly a hundred years ago, causes a negative reaction of biblical proportions when they utilize its abilities. Realising that it's too risky to use the book to remove the Mark of Cain, Dean tells Sam to burn it before they find it.

When Dean leaves to pick up snacks, he runs into Jacob Styne and is apprehended by one of his family members. Jacob notices that Dean has the Mark on his arm, hence their desire to keep the book. He confirms that the book is capable but he warns Dean that removing it will do far more harm than good. Dean is able to headbutt Jacob and empty a clip into his associate, but jacob escapes to round up more of his family members to take the book back. Following Dean back to the cabin, the Stynes attack the trio and they all end up dead. Jacob enters and is shot five times by Dean, but he still manages to make his way to Sam who burns the book. He starts to choke Sam, but he stabs his heart with a silver knife, killing him.

It is later revealed that Sam only pretended to burn the book by replacing it with a lore book, needing it to remove the Mark from Dean's arm. Jacob's last words to Sam: "My family will never stop looking for that book." Sam takes the book to his only hope of translating it and removing the Mark; Rowena.

10.21 Dark Dynasty

10.22 The Prisoner


  • A clue to the Styne's true identity as the House of Frankenstein can be spotted in the family crest, first seen in 10.18 Book of the Damned which bares a striking resemblance to the Frankenstein family crest seen in Young Frankenstein.