Stewie Myers

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Name Stewie Myers
Actor Anjul Nigam
Dates  ???? - 2008 (killed by Clark Adams/Crocotta)
Location Milan, Ohio
Occupation Phone company technician
Episode(s) 3.14 Long-Distance Call


Stewie Myers is a technician for a phone company in Milan, Ohio.


The crocotta sucking the spirit of Stewie Myers.

3.14 Long-Distance Call

When Sam and Dean approach Stewie to run an old phone number tied to their current case, he is able to give Sam and Dean a list of all the homes that the phone number has been calling in the past two weeks. When Sam realizes they are dealing with a crocotta, Dean remembers that crocotta's live in filth and points out to Sam the flies and the filthy state of Stewie's work area at the phone company. As Sam goes to confront Stewie in the parking lot, preparing to kill him, Clark Adams arrives and knocks both Sam and Stewie out. Once Stewie and Sam regain consciousness, Clark proceeds to suck out and consume Stewie's soul.