Steven Groves

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Name Steven Groves
Actor Peter DeLuise
Dates  ???? - 2008 (human deceased; demon exorcised by Sam Winchester)
Occupation FBI Deputy Director
Episode(s) 3.12 Jus in Bello


Steven Groves was the Deputy Director of the FBI and the boss of Special Agents Victor Henriksen and Calvin Reidy, whom he has assigned to the manhunt for fugitives Sam and Dean Winchester. It is revealed that he has been possessed by an unnamed demon for quite awhile, with Sam and Dean suspecting that the real Groves had been dead for months before the demon exited his corpse.


3.12 Jus in Bello

The demon abandoning Groves' body.

Henriksen calls in Groves to help expedite Sam and Dean to Nevada. Groves arrives and hands Henriksen paper-work to complete, then goes to see Sam and Dean for himself. It turns out that he is possessed by a demon, who attempts to kill Dean and manages to shoot him in the shoulder before Sam fights him off. Partway through an exorcism, the demon vacates the host, leaving Groves dead on the floor. What he died of is unclear as there is no visible wound when Calvin Reidy checks his body, though Sam and Dean believe that he has been dead for months.

The demon returns, now possessing Henriksen, with the intent of finishing the job. He kills Sheriff Melvin Dodd for trying to evacuate the police station with Sam and Dean in tow, but the Winchesters overpower him and he is dunked head-first into a toilet filled with holy water as they begin an exorcism, causing the demon agony. The exorcism is completed and he is sent back to Hell, but not before leaving Sam and Dean with one last unsettling piece of information: he has already called upon other demons, who are coming to kill them.

The news report at the end of the episode reveals that Lilith's destruction of the sheriff's office (believed to be caused by a bomb) is being held as the cause of Groves' death.