Steven Groves

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Name Steven Groves
Actor Peter DeLuise
Dates  ???? - 2008 (unknown cause of death)
Occupation FBI Deputy Director
Episode(s) 3.12 Jus in Bello


Steven Groves was the Deputy Director of the FBI and the boss of Special Agents Victor Henriksen and Calvin Reidy.


3.12 Jus in Bello

When Grove responds to Henriksen's news that he has finally captured Sam and Dean Winchester by turning up at the police station in person, it is revealed that he is possessed by an unnamed demon. Groves drops dead as soon as the demon flees his body to escape an exorcism. What Grove died of is unclear as there is no visible wound when Reidy checks his body, but Dean speculates that he has been dead for months. Initially, the others at the police station believe that Sam and Dean had somehow killed Groves, though they later learn the truth.

The news report at the end of the episode reveals that a bomb going off at the police station (actually the work of Lilith) is being held as the cause of Groves' death as well as the deaths of everyone else the demons murdered.