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  • ...ontacts the boys to leave them new missions to complete. The boys fend off mystical creatures such as the [[Woman in White]], the [[Wendigo (creature)|wendigo] ...m is having trouble sleeping thanks to nightmares about Lucifer. He cleans weapons into the early hours to distract himself until he and Dean stumble on a cas
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  • {{Weapons ...e important errand I had mentioned? Word had got back to me that a certain artifact I thought had been lost forever resurfaced. And now it's mine. Beautiful, i
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  • …I will bring the artifact to you. Look at this. They were making arrangements to get the artifact out of Europe to keep it safe. Henshaw pulled some strings with a Man of Le
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  • ...where on Earth. This orb eventually became known as the Occultum: a sacred artifact of divine origin that even predates the lore. [[Category:Library]][[Category:Angel Lore]][[Category:Weapons & Mystical Artifacts]]
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