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2.03 Bloodlust

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== Summary ==
Back in a newly restored Impala, Sam and Dean are investigating some murders and cattle mutilations, when they discover that the latest victim is a vampire. They meet another hunter, Gordon Walker, who has been hunting vampires ever since they killed his sister.
After rescuing Gordon from a vampire attack, Dean and Gordon bond over a few drinks. Sam is suspicious of Gordon and returns to the motel, only to be captured by the vampires who are lead by a woman called Lenore.
Released unharmed, Sam tries to convince Dean that the vampires have forsworn killing humans and are trying to live peacefully, drinking only cattle blood. Dean insists that anything supernatural should be killed, while Sam argues their mission is to stop evil. The argument ends when Dean punches Sam after he accuses Dean of using Gordon as replacement for their father.
They boys track down the vampire homestead where Gordon is torturing Lenore. Gordon grabs Sam and cuts him, taunting Lenore with his blood. When Lenore shows that she is capable of fighting her vampiric urges, Dean turns on Gordon, allowing Sam to rescue Lenore.
At the end, Dean muses that their world does not seem as black and white as it once did.
=== Music ===

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