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Jimmy Novak

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Jimmy is a devout Christian who was chosen by [[Castiel]] to be his [[Vessel]]. A very devout Christian, he prayed for years to assist the Lord. [[Castiel]] proves his existence to Jimmy through miracles such as allowing him to plunge his arm into boiling water unharmed. His wife , [[Amelia Novak]] does not believe him and begs him to get psychiatric help.
After [[Castiel]] possesses him, around the time he saves Dean from hell, he leaves his family for over a year, only to return when Castiel is recalled to Heaven for "reindoctrination" after concern from his superiors that he was becoming disobedient and too close to Dean <sup>[[4.20 The Rapture]]</sup>. However, demons eventually track him down, putting his family in danger. His wife becomes possessed and shoots him, but when [[Castiel]] possesses his daughter [[Claire Novak]], Jimmy (near death) begs to be allowed to be his [[vessel]] again in her stead.

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