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Tin hat

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These fans adherence to their beliefs often manifests in extreme obsession with the topic, as well as expressions of hatred towards anyone challenging these beliefs. This may include direct attacks on people associated with Jared and Jensen through Twitter or blogs.
[[Image:Tinhat.JPG|300px|thumb|right|2009 Winning Tin Hat by huggenkiss]]
These people are a very small minority in fandom.
The majority of fans happily consume and produce fanworks based on the idea of a relationship between stars, and approach the fantasy in a playful way. These fans may make comments in reaction to a photo of Jared and Jensen together along the lines of "oh they are so in love", but this is connected to the fictional constructs of the actors, and the commenter is aware it is not fact. These fans may use phrases such as ''I am putting on my tin hat'' to indicate that the author realizes the fiction of what they are saying but are happily indulging in their RPS fantasies.
An annual activity at [[WinchesterCon]] has been the Tin Hat Parade, which involves fans making real tin hats out of aluminum foil.
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